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Personality Reports are commonly used by coaches. But up until now coaches have had to buy off the shelf reports and pay for them themselves.

PeopleMaps has changed all that.

Not only can you design the reports you want but you can brand them as your own.

And more importantly you can sell them on your website or bundle them in with your coaching service.

So instead of costing you money, personality reports could be a revenue stream.

How Does Tools for Coaching Work?

PeopleMaps provides you with a Control Room. Don’t worry there is no software to install as it’s all online and very easy to use.

You are also provided with a library of personality topics. There are around forty topics to chose from, covering the areas of;

  • Career
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Personal Relationships
  • Self Knowledge
  • Work Environment
Topics vary in length but many are about a page long. Five topics result in quite a large report.


PeopleMaps has developed some very clever widget technology that lets you embed the experience in your own website. A widget is a box, inside of which all the action takes place.

The front cover, the questionnaire, the registration for, the payment collection and the report delivery can all take place within the widget box. Your visitors can enjoy the entire experience and never leave your website.

You can create your own front cover design and you can modify the colour and of text and the font.

You can make the report look exactly as you wish it to look.

Customising with your own content

You may also add your own content to the existing personality topics. For instance you may wish to add your own introduction or closing chapter.

You may be designing a report for a specific workshop or for a corporate client and have specific things you wish to add to the personality content.

These amazing tools for life coaches are designed to help you build your brand and your business.

What does Tools for coaching cost?

That’s the best bit. You can get your clients to pay for the reports online directly, so it doesn’t cost you a penny. Instead you get back 40% of everything your clients spend.

The system calculates the retail price of a report depending on the number of topics used. Some topics cost more than others.

Buy in bulk at discount

I realise you may wish to bundle the reports in with your coaching service, so each widget comes with a voucher scheme. You (or anyone else) can buy packs of vouchers. You would then give each client a voucher code, which they would insert instead of making a payment.

Vouchers are sold in packs and the larger the pack size you buy the more discount you get.

And remember as designer of the report, you will also get back 50% of all voucher payments, even if you made them yourself.

So lets say you designed a report that normally retailed at £20. If you bought a pack of vouchers you would get a discount and you would get back 50% of what you spent. Your £20 report may end up costing you £8 instead of £20.

If you want to charge more for the reports and increase your revenue then you may over-ride the retail price set by the system and charge what you like. This is particularly useful if you wish to add a lot of your own content to the report as it lets you charge for that too.

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