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Craig Houston, The Careerguyd

As a career development professional, one of my favourite profiling tools has been the MBTI. After trying PeopleMaps, I was immediately impressed by its comparable analysis as well as its convenient brevity. It really only takes less than ten minutes—which in and of itself is compelling since I have had clients avoid other profilers simply because they do not have the time or patience to take them. Additionally, the reports are written from a career/business/professional perspective, giving clients direct work applications to gain insight on their professional strengths, leadership potential, and more. So PeopleMaps is substantive, easy and quick, and the colourful online interface makes it all the more user-friendly and convenient.

Gary Bruzzese

Unbelievable. I think you do know me better than my mom. So accurate it was scary.

Paul C, London

I’ve just received and read your full report and I have to say it is extraordinary. Over the years I have completed many personality profiling exercises including Myers-Briggs and Archetypes, however none of them provided the insights and clarity of your report. Finally, after years of soul searching and unhappiness, I understand not only why I hate my job, but what to look for in a new one.
Many many thanks. p.s. Pls feel free to quote me on the above!

Emily la Grange,
Online Business & Marketing Coach

It’s amazing how accurate the report was and how much detail is included after answering only a few questions. I can really see the value of your service and would certainly recommend this to others, thank you so much!

Nokuthula Zungu

I did the test and it describes me totally! I was a bit sceptical when I was choosing the answers, because some are very similar. But the outcome describes me precisely. Thank you. Keep it up!

Maria Easton

I completed the personality questionnaire and the personal info on me was spot on! The work profile made me sound worth employing! Thanks!

Chinso Chipopola

I’m very much pleased with your work and it has built me up in some way.You know more about me than I know of myself. Keep up with the good work. I’m proud to say I took part.

Julie Rorrer,
AKA @juliedarling, leading the indie fashion revolution

PartnerMaps captured me exactly. Wishing it was available many years ago so that I wouldn’t have had to go through so many relationships before finding my husband. It should be given as a college graduation present to every person alive so that they only have to kiss so many frogs before finding their prince/princess.

Christopher Gaunt

This did confirm the things I already knew – it refined it a lot and proved some people wrong!

Nasima Begum

The way in which you have decsribed me was incredible and so true =)

Patricia Jordan

I think you were right on the button!

Sandeep Kini

The Psychometric Test is absolutely fantastic and stunning, It really gave me a true picture of my self and I am definitely sure that it will help me out to balance myself while facing any interview henceforth. It’s GREAT…

Mhairi Petrovic,
Founder Out-Smarts

PartnerMaps is so accurate, its eerie. I spent a few short moments completing a simple questionnaire and from that it was able to give me insights as to my perfect partner, great date, communication, commitment and more. The report was true to the real me. Its very compelling and useful for anyone looking who is looking for relationships, embarking on new ones, working on an existing one or getting out of a bad one. You should try it – you will be amazed.

Becky Sidley

It has got me spot on, so I can now see why its a useful tool – so thanks!

Anil Madan

The results definitely described my personality and my approach in work life.

Marion Heal, Acumen Recruitment

The PeopleMaps profile report is a useful resource to validate and support our own assessment. With our team’s combined experience and the candidate’s profile in front of them it helps to add light to the client’s own selection process.

Refat Sanam

What I saw or read through both of your reports is amazing. I can’t tell you enough how is the given information close to my personality.

Marion Wilson

Very accurate


Video Report seemed more personal like a virtual interview. The Future ! it seems.

Paul Duxbury,
Business and Change Coach

The report that I received was incredibly insightful and highlighted a number of areas that I know I have worked on and been able to develop over recent years. It also offered me insights into an area that I know I need to work on and has prompted me to think more deeply about it and develop some different approaches. This will be invaluable for anyone at any stage of a relationship whether they are just getting started or dealing with challenges. Understanding how we react to the various stimuli that are presented as we relate to other people is such an important skill to have and the insights offered by the report are incredible.

Ed Ley-Wilson, Leah Ley-Wilson Recruitment

PeopleMaps reports are consistently detailed and feedback from applicants is that they find it uncannily accurate, often enlightening and a well focused preparation for interviews.

Ian Murning

The online video is a great innovation – and with my personality type I just love it! A video specially for me…………… More of the same………..Well done, Ian

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