A PeopleMaps Personality Report for Business

Overview: Good teams need good team leaders and good team leaders is largely a personality issue. it is not something that can reliably come across in a CV. If picking good team leaders is important to you then you will need this report.

What’s in the report: The report gives you background on the candidate and a feel for what kind of team leader they will make. It is peppered with consultants comments from the PeopleMaps Business Psychologist. You will find the Interview questions very useful and the consultants comments about what you should be looking for in the answers you receive invaluable.

When to use the report: Whether you are doing an internal promotion to team leader or bringing in someone new then you should use this report. This report will reduce the risks and give you more information to make better hiring decisions, ensuring that you select the most natural team leader for the job.

Topics in the report:

Ability to Delegate
Propensity towards Action
Coping with change
Commercial awareness
Decision Making
Managing others
PeopleMaps Map
Planning and Managing Resources and Results

How much does it cost: $50 each before discount

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