A PeopleMaps Personality report for Business

Overview: When technologies are being replaced at phenomenal rates, you need to know your developers can keep up. The tools they used at university will not be the same ones they’re using today. An insight into your developers’ personalities can reveal more about their attitude to your business than their CV.

What’s in the report: The report tells you everything the CV doesn’t. Ticking the skills box is easy when hiring Software developers but it more likely to be their personality that determines whether the candidate is likely to work out or not.

When to use the report: Use the report when hiring or promoting Software Developers to ensure you are making the right decisions. Coding skill alone is not enough any more. You need to know that your developers can get along with others and perhaps even deal with customers.

Topics in the report:

Ability to Present
PeopleMaps Map
Overview short
Programme and Project Management
Working Together
Working under pressure

How much does it cost: $50 each before discount

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