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PeopleMaps Overview

PeopleMaps builds Personality Power Widgets to provide psychological profiling (sometimes called personality or psychometric testing) products to businesses and individuals across the globe. We are experts in psychology, technology and marketing and make affordable profiling available to everyone with access to the Internet.

This PDF document provides a quick overview of PeopleMaps, the company

The PeopleMaps Personality Power Widget

What is a Power Widget, and how can it benefit you?

This PDF document explains the benefits you can expect from using the Power Widget

PeopleMaps Philosophy

PeopleMaps thinks everyone should be able to adopt personality centric living – and if they did, we could change the world.

Read the PeopleMaps Personality-Centric Living Manifesto PDF

PeopleMaps Client List Sample

PeopleMaps has many varied clients from hairdressers in South Africa to engineering companies in Thailand.

Client Sample PDF download

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