We use Twitter a lot here at PeopleMaps HQ and were straight in there with support and for tickets when we learned that Edinburgh would be hosting a Twestival.



Twestival has captured the imagination of the Twitter community – raising funds for the non profit charity : water, with a series of events in 180 cities across the world from Johannesburg to Shanghai.

Edinburgh Twestival

Edinburgh Twestival

The Edinburgh Twestival looks set to be a blast. There are a ton of prizes to be had, not least of which is a crate of Ardberg whisky and space on a Second Life Island! (PeopleMaps are also donating personality profiling to one lucky winner – saving the world, one profile at a time!).

What else will happen? There will be live music – we’re especially looking forward to Peter Gregson, with his intriguing Words on The Wall performance which engages the audience by integrating SMS, Twitter and Flickr activity from the audience.

And there’ll be lots of WiFi action, with mobiles and laptops and other devices abounding.

The main attraction? The ‘McTwitterati*’ will be there – and we’re excited to finally meet up with folks we interact with on a daily basis but have yet to meet in the flesh 🙂 The Twitter community is savvy, and we’re hoping that by sheer osmosis, we’ll become as switched on as they are.

The Edinburgh Twestival will be held on Thursday 12 February 2009, 19:00, Hawke and Hunter, 12 Picardy Place, Edinburgh EH1 3JT

Do Let us know if you’re going or attending a Twestival near you.

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*McTwitterati (coined by @jimwolffman?) – collective term for top Scottish Twitterers

Lets have a look at how PeopleMaps is using profiling with drivers.


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