If you think that some sample interview questions and answers is all you need to do to nail your next interview, then you better read this article.

You are in danger of becoming boring and no one wants to hire someone that’s boring.

Sample Interview Questions and Answers

If you found this post because you were looking for some sample interview questions then let me stop you there.

You are falling into the trap that most job seekers fall into.

You have to recognize that a job interview isn’t a pub quiz. It’s not about who answers the most questions correctly gets the job.

I know you may not want to hear this but it’s unfortunately the truth.

When an employer asks you interview questions they aren’t really that interested in your answers.

No, instead they are more interested in how you answer. The questions are a means to an end not the end in itself. They don’t really care if you know the answers, they are simply trying to get a feel for who you really are.

They hope that if you talk they will discover the person behind the overly smart suit.

So what’s the alternative to swatting sample interview questions and answers?

Well focus on what’s important. Get human. Be real. Be attractive.

They may ask you what kind of software you used at your last place but what they really want to know is;

Are you a crazy person that will cause me to lose sleep and drive me slowly round the bend?

If you can answer that question with confidence then you are half way there.

Employers are taking a big risk when they hire someone they do not know. Your job is primarily to eliminate the perceived risk and then impress.

If the employer is impressed but not convinced you aren’t a risk, they will not hire you.

So being good at answering questions doesn’t really reduce the risk sufficiently for an employer.

However be yourself. Stand your ground and look like you are someone they would like to spend their day with and you are in with a shout.

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