Sales Recruitment

How would you like to hire the right sales person first time every time?

Recruiting sales staff is the most challenging of all recruitment. It’s also the riskiest.

Fewer people can make or break a company than a sales person.

If you get a good sales person they can win and keep customers, driving up your turnover in the process. If you get a bad sales person they can lose you loyal customers and drive your business into the ground.

PeopleMaps has the answer to Sales Recruitment

PeopleMaps has launched a new personality topic called “Sales Style”.

It goes way beyond the usual personality report. Instead of just working on stereotypes, it actually tells you the natural sales style of each candidate. It also tells you the ideal sales environment for each candidate.

Sales environments vary

This is something that is largely ignored but it’s crucial when it comes to hiring an effective sales person. Some people are more suited to one sales scenario than another and the environments vary considerably.

For instance call centre sales on incoming calls is miles different from field sales to board members. Chalk and cheese.

So just because a sales person has performed in one environment doesn’t mean they will perform in your environment.

Try it for yourself

If you really want a better, more reliable sales recruitment experience then try the new “Sales Style” personality topic from PeopleMaps.

Whether you are a recruitment agency or a sales manager, you can quickly and easily use this PeopleMaps Recruitment Application.

It takes about ten minutes to set up and free trials will be provided. No software to install as it’s all delivered online. Fast and affordable.

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