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Follow My Simple 3 Step Formula And Generate Job Offers, For Jobs You Actually Want, Fast.


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Dear Lauren,

It’s the only way I know to generate interview invites and job offers, as you need them…

If you need more job offers and are sick and tired of writing application forms, wasting time with sending CVs, trying to get an interview, here’s how to legitimately change your job (and your life) overnight.

In fact with this new system…

You will be able to get more interviews-
For jobs you actually want

Over a million job seekers have used some aspect of this system to accelerate their career and dozens of people have used the full 3 Step System to get interviews and job offers… For a variety of job roles… In a variety of levels… Over nearly 10 years!

You may have heard about job seekers using “underground” techniques, following simple steps, using secret tips to get interview invites for jobs they want.


I’m not talking about job boards or CV writing
or the run of the mill job hunting advice

That stuff looks important, but we all know that sending CVs to strangers is pretty much a waste of your time, no matter how good your CV is.

Here’s a short video of what some members have to say about the unique 3 Step System.


Note that people who are using this system come from diverse backgrounds and industries. They are all people just like you and me. You do not need to be “special” to land your Dream Job. It doesn’t matter whether you are in a senior role or not. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in. It doesn’t matter what country either. The system works regardless.

It’s time you discovered for yourself the same proven system that has been used for hundreds of years by the most successful people in their fields.

Do you think the most successful people send their CVs off to job adverts?

You may be currently chasing your tail doing some of these things:

  • Spending a fortune on CV writers.
  • Submitting your CV to job boards.
  • Browsing job boards and newspapers.
  • Registering with recruitment agencies.
  • Applying for jobs you know you wouldn’t enjoy.
  • Spamming or sending CVs on spec.
  • Telling everyone on LinkedIn you are looking for a job.
  • Going to interviews when you are not full prepared.

Those methods sound appealing because that’s what everyone tells you to do, and they may even get you a few interviews here and there (if you’re lucky). But if you are trying to land your Dream Job doing something that you love and getting well paid for it, here’s the truth:

The old fashioned approach has a few flaws

  • With most of the above methods, you’re completely dependent on your CV and the CV is a very poor way to create a high perceived value for your services.
  • The above methods commoditise you and drive down your market value. You become almost indistiguishable from all the other applicants.
  • You are unlikely to discover what it is you were “born to do”, so you end up in a series of jobs you always grow to hate.
  • While you can get a few interviews, it’ll never make you rich or happy since you can’t build a successful career unless your work is in harmony with your core personality.

And the BIG one…

  • The old fashioned approach to job hunting will never let you change careers, even if you beg.

Again, the old fashioned approach or conventional approach, no longer works. It never worked that well in the first place, at least not for you, the job seeker. It used to suit employers but even that is no longer the case.

I want you to understand that your life will never be the same once you learn the career skills I have to show you. Developing your career will actually become fun and rewarding.

And unlike the old approach, you can get yourself an interview for pretty much anything and most of your interviews should result in a job offer.

Here’s what some people have said about the 3 Step System.

Hi Martin,I think this course is not only informative but gave me so much confidence in my personality and I would not hesitate to recommend this course to others.


You can use The 3 Step System to line up interviews for even the most interesting and exciting fields of work.

Martin,I look forward to the 1-2-1 session at one today.

My feedback so far would be generally very positive. I think the personality analysis is a good fit for me. Like you say, there are small areas where I might disagree but on the whole I think that the profile is accurate.


In fact you can use it to figure out what you were simply born to be.

Hi Martin,Quite simply yes – I must say I was a bit sceptical at first – but the Analysis so far seems to be spot on and getting more accurate as the course goes on!

Regards Geoff

In about one hundredth of the time it takes to get interviews for crappy jobs you don’t even want you could land some interviews for cool, exciting jobs that pay well.

Martin,I am inclined to agree that talent, or personality, is more important than skills. Looking back over my experience, and having being recently in close contact with a job club, based on the skills-based approach, I would recommend the 3 step system.

Best wishes


So What’s The Big Secret Anyway?

It’s simply learning how to use the techniques that the most successful people have been using for years . . . . . . . with a few modern twists.

Think about it, when successful people decide to change jobs they don’t dig out their CV and start tweaking it.

And they sure as heck aren’t ploughing through job boards to find their dream job.

No way! Those people have a very different approach and now you can do the very same thing!

Why Isn’t Everyone Teaching This?

The simple fact is that most people have no idea that this approach even exists.

After all, they do fine selling their “old fashioned approach”. A good percentage of those Gurus have no idea that the recruitment landscape has significantly changed in the last three years. They are “old school”

And while they have some good ideas, their methods don’t work so well in today’s landscape, particularly if you are over 40 or are making a career change, while my methods are universal, working especially well where ageism is rife and when you are trying to make a career change.

But do you know what the worst thing is about taking advice from a typical “career guru”? Their cockamamie job hunting schemes actually distract you from a method that can legitimately change your career forever:

Instead Of Trawling Job Boards and Sending Of
CV after CV Like Some Sort of Spammer, You Can
Simply Have Employers Contact You!

You just need to know how to do it effectively. That’s where I come in…

Which Brings Us To Introductions

My name is Martin Gibbons and if you have never heard of me before, I started working in the recruitment arena back in 2000.As the founder of and I have helped 1.26 million people with their careers.

I have worked with employers, building them entire personality profiling systems and advising them on candidate selection.

I have also got up close and personal to recruitment agencies, CV Writers and Job Boards.

I have worked with people on an intimate level and through my incredibly successful, online career development tools.

I have been around the block a few times so I understand the frustrations of career change and job hunting. I started as a physicist, then product development, then marketing, then production systems planning, then business consultancy, then psychology then Internet technologies. Let’s just say I have kissed a lot of frogs.

It’s not just the last decade or so that qualifies me to help you accelerate your career, it’s the decade or more prior to it too.

Of course bragging rights are cheap so please make sure you Google “Martin Gibbons” and you will find out all you need to know and of course check out the comments people have left on my main career site.

Here’s some kind words others have had to say about us:

Hi Martin,Thanks for your email. I am very encouraged by what I have seen and what I have done in the 3-step approach and am ready to continue to the bitter end!

Seriously I really like the psychology side of things a lot. There is such a thing as horses for courses, if you get my meaning, it’s all about self-knowledge and self-development.



Of Course You Can Land
Your Dream Job. You Just Need To Know How

Just a few years ago, if you wanted to land your Dream Job, you would have needed some very influential connections. But now, you can get started even if you know no one:

  • It doesn’t matter what industry you are in
  • Target whatever jobs you fancy
  • Tap into the huge pool of jobs that are never advertised (40%)
  • And your CV will not hold you back or get you “filtered out”
  • All your time invested moves you forward, unlike the job lottery
  • Don’t just land a job you love but get paid well for it too.
  • It’s risk free and easy to implement. Easier than cold call interviews.


I have gone through all the material you have posted so far and on the

whole I am quite happy with the progress. There are always certain

things of course that could be improved. I would not hesitate to

recommend this course to others though.



Be Discovered.
Employers Are Having As Much Trouble Finding You As You Are Having Finding Your Ideal Job

I spend a lot of time working with employers and the crazy thing is, they are always telling me how difficult it is to find good candidates.

Here’s the truth – You make it very difficult for employers to find you.

It’s always better to be discovered than to pester people. In The 3 Step System I will show you how to be discovered.

Wouldn’t you rather employers contacted you, than you having to fill in long applications forms only to hear nothing?

In fact the most successful professionals are secretly using these same techniques, even if they aren’t owning up to it. They prefer that the world thinks they got there purely on merit. – yeh right.

The best part is, when you find the right approach that really translates into interviews, you won’t have to worry about competing against a bus load of candidates. You can pretty much dictate your terms. There will be no competitors to worry about.


Discover What You Were Simply Born To Do

There are 70+ modules in Step 1 and they are all about you. Step 1 is designed to help you figure out what your were simply born to do with your life.

Most people struggle with this and the traditional approach doesn’t work. Most career advisers would look at your previous work experience, your qualifications and tell you what you could do. This is not the same as telling you what you should do.

And by the way, here’s how you discover what your were born to do. . . . .

Gain a deep understanding of your core personality. Ignore job titles as they are a very blunt instrument and tell you nothing. Instead, build a picture, piece by piece of your ideal work environment. This is all about your personality and will be specific to your personality type.

Use the 3 Step System to help you make a series of small decisions, rather than one huge decision. For instance, Do you need autonomy to make decisions or not? Do you need to work in a room of your own, or are you happier in an open office.

These are all personality issues. everything to do with discovering what you should be doing with your life is a personality issue. It has nothing to do with your skill set, training or qualifications.

Knowing these things soon paints a picture, enabling you to ignore many of the jobs you would have previously wasted your time on.


Nail Job Offers With Every Interview

Every candidate bombs at interviews. They all make the same basic mistakes. Using The 3 Step System you can raise your performance so far above other candidates that it will hardly seem fair.

Huge amounts of time are wasted going to interviews as most of them never result in a job offer. You want to change that so that you know if you get the interview, the job is in the bag.

And it doesn’t matter whether you are introverted or extraverted. It doesn’t matter if you dread interviews and always make a hash of them. The 3 Step System approach will put you in the driving seat and give you complete control of every interview.


Leverage My Years Of Experience and Insider Information In The Recruitment  Landscape To Leap-Frog Your Career To The Next Level

The 3 Step System is designed to take you by the hand and get you up to speed immediately. It reveals the top “up to the minute” approaches to career development.

The 3 Step System is 100+ modules training course, mostly delivered on video, that teaches you how to discover what to do with your life, how to get interviews and how to get job offers from every interview.

But it’s not just about getting you a job; it’s about landing your your dream job, something that you love to do and a well rewarded for. Your job must have meaning and purpose.

Here’s what you get, and how it helps you:

Step 1: Discover What You Were Simply born To Do
  • Discover what you were simply born to do
  • Know what jobs to go for and which ones to avoid at all costs.
  • Save years of your life working in the wrong job.
  • The largest collection of personality content about you ever assembled..
  • Secrets of how to find your mojo and what comes naturally to you.

Step 2: Get more Interviews for jobs your really want
  • Most effective ways to communicate with the real decision makers when it comes to hiring.
  • How to get the best possible salary for what you do.
  • How to get headhunted and invited to more interviews than you know what to do with.

Step 3: Brilliance at Interviews
  • Discover how to control the interview from beginning to end.
  • Exactly how (and what) to say, when asked even the toghest questions.
  • How to avoid your danger areas and keep the focus on just your good stuff.
  • How to put yourself head and shoulders above all other candidates.
  • Tricks on interview psychology and how to make it work for you; not against you.

Key point : If you do not understand all of the terminology I am using no worries…..Everything is explained in the Step by Step videos.

And remember, while The 3 Step System is a comprehensive course that covers many different resources and methods you can use to get lots of interviews and job offers.

You Don’t Have To Use All Of Them At Once!

You just need to pick one or two modules, get comfortable with them, get them to work for you, then move on to the next few. While you can use the system to land your next job, you should be looking at it as a lifetime tool. A constant companion to continually move you higher and higher in the direction you wish to go.

Hi Martin,

I would recommend the course to others as I think it is informative and helpful. The analysis of me and my workstyles is spot on.



This Is The Only Course Of It’s Kind That Teaches Where And How To Get Interviews and Job Offers Without a CV…

  • Tap into the huge sea of job that are never advertised (40%)
  • Target specific employers and get them to phone you.
  • Get interviews that actually convert into job offers..
  • Tap into the world of the most successful people on the planet and break free from the amateur antics of the typical job hunter, who spend all their time scanning job boards and licking stamps.
  • Analyze your self and discover what you really need from your work in order to be happy and successful.
  • Use these tactics as early as tomorrow whilst refining your craft and increasing your sophistication. Your possibilities are limitless.
  • Use the career decision maker to elimiate interviews and jobs that will waste your time.
  • Learn how to recreate yourself as a valuable specialist, that people want to hire.

Literally Get Interviews and Job Offers On Demand

This is one of the few ways you can break into the next level, and literally generate interviews on demand, whenever you need it, and for any job you like. It’s the next evolution in career development for people who have been stuck in “job hunting hell” since they started working.

Dear Martin,

The course has been interesting not least for the accuracy of some
of the insights into my character.

Not largely that they were news to me – but that this kind of
information can be so accurately inferred by personality profiling.

Bang per buck value seems excellent.

Kind regards

Who Is This Course For?

Let’s be 100% straight. The 3 Step System is not for everyone, and may not even be for you…

If you have just left school or college and don’t have a clue about life or what you want to do then this is probably going to be over your head. Spend some time and learn about life first.

But if you know what you don’t want and have a desire for something more and you are willing to invest in your career (which you can earn back with your first job), then you’ll want to get in on this as soon as possible.

Here Specifically Is Who The 3 Step System Is Designed For:

  • You want to land a job you love in the minimum amount of time.
  • You know stuff, and want to become very well paid for it.
  • You understand that career development is a skill that you can use to get your pick of jobs, no matter what the economy is doing.
  • You are over 35 and suffering ageism in the recruitment process.
  • You have something to offer and a story to tell, and want to get it in front of the decision makers before your competitors.
  • You understand something about personal presentation or at least have someone to help you with it.
  • You have a basic understanding of what you don’t want.
  • You are willing to spend a few hours per week accelerating your career.

What’s This Gonna Cost Me?

By now, you are probably wondering how much The 3 Step System is. With all the expensive courses and systems out there these days, you might think it’s going to set you back a few thousand, maybe even more.

In all seriousness, I could sell this as a £997 product and make a ton of money…

But I don’t want this to be some hit-and-run job. I’ve been building my reputation online for 11+ years and I’m here to stay. My goal, even if I make less money, is to help the maximum number of people with this product as possible (seriously) and I’m pricing it accordingly.

Plus, I want your feedback on this course before I possibly roll out a high-priced executive coaching program, in the next few months. To get this in as many people’s hands as I can, I am pricing it at just £197 for the first month and only £27 per month thereafter.

So, if you agree to a few small conditions, you can pick it up right now and get everything I’ve just told you about for just £197. When you understand how much time and money this course saves you, you’ll understand how valuable it is.

Last Minute Decision: During our initial rollout of The 3 Step System

I’ve Decided To Do Something Kind Of Crazy…

I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if you could land your job before you finish paying for the course. That way you wouldn’t care about a few bucks if you land a new job with a big salary.

So I am waiving the entire initial fee and just charging a small monthly membership payment of £27 that gets you Full Access to everything we’ve told you about here.

You get the whole sha-bang for just £27/m. Please understand I may revert to the regular price at any time at my sole discretion or I may remove the discount.

I want your feedback on the course and I’d like a massive testimonial list of overjoyed users, so if you’ll help me, let’s do this!

Why The “Recruitment Mafia” hates me!

I’ve got a confession to make: Word on the street is that some career advisers and people in the recruitment industry hate me for releasing this course, because at under £500 they think it’s way too cheap.

If they hate the £197 price, this special launch registration of £27 is gonna make their heads explode.

…But my goal is to get this product in the hands of as many motivated people as possible. It really can single-handedly accelerate your career like nothing else, and I want you to see for yourself how powerful these resources and techniques are.

Hi Martin,

I would strongly recommend this course to anyone as it provides
a good grasp and understanding of what is required for
obtaining your dream job now, which is so different from what
it was years ago.

The knowledge I am gaining is very beneficial and would be
invaluable to anyone wishing to do this course.

Thanks and Regards,


The Fine Print

We do have a couple of conditions though… This isn’t some sort of sales gimmick or trick. You only get the full 3 Step System course for the nominal registration fee if…

  • You promise to actually go through the material within 30 days of purchasing it. I’m not looking for tire-kickers or wannabes, but rather, real, honest-to-goodness people who want (and need) more from their jobs.
  • You promise to let me know what you really think of the product, and if you like it, consider sending me a written or video testimonial to use in the sales materials.
  • You agree not to divulge any of the techniques I disclose to anyone except family.
  • You must be one of the first responders to lock in this registration discount.

The 3 Step System is 100% Risk-Free

We’re pretty sure The 3 Step System will help you get more interviews and job offers, for jobs you actually want. However, if for any reason whatsoever you aren’t completely satisfied with the course material or with your personal results, just let us know within 60 days, and we’ll refund 100% of your purchase price.

We’re confident you’ll want to stick with this once you see how powerful it is. But if not, no worries, just shoot us an email and we’ll issue a full and immediate refund, and we’re still friends.

I want to stress: The 3 Step System is a complete, virtually “turn-key” system to getting interviews and jobs on demand. There’s nothing else you need to accomplish everything I’ve shown you.


I’m very impressed with the 3 Step System.

Its combination of a light touch, profound insights and occasional
humour works for me!


Awesome Bonuses For Early Responders:

Bonus #1: 1-2-1 Coaching included for 1 month
Discover the most advanced and affordable career coaching on the planet!

The first time using the Live Chat facility for me. Absolutely excellent. I know you must have been juggling between many callers. An excellent service and a wonderful idea.Eileen

I find my Live chat sessions -the best part of this course, as I get to speak to Martin directly with my specific problem relating to my career development.
Thank youBianca

I was nervous when I started using live chat but found it easy to access and use. having used it a couple of times I have learned that the best way to get the best from Martin is to be open and honest.Failure to do this is cheating yourself and misleading Martin. You must give open and straight comments, if you think he is off the mark in regards to your personality then tell him and let him respond. Chances are you will find the comments that he makes very useful and positive.

If you wish to improve your understanding of the coursework and indeed attain a clearer picture of yourself then you must try the live chat.


~ Real Value £180 /hr or more

The Only Way You Can Lose Is
If You Don’t Get The 3 Step System

The absolute worst thing that can happen when you register now is you learn about new, modern ways to get interviews and job offers for jobs you actually want and you don’t pay a penny for the training if you decide for some reason it’s not for you… And you get all the valuable bonuses, even if you wind up asking for a refund for some reason.

The best thing that can happen is you discover what you were simply born to do and land a job doing something you enjoy whilst getting well paid for it, like so many others who have been using these techniques for years.




PS : Places are strictly limited as I also include 1-2-1 coaching.

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