Today, lets talk about releasing potential. Lets look at releasing your potential and the potential of others.

I started out life as a physicist. In physics we talk about “potential energy” and “kinetic energy”. It’s a little vague so allow me to paraphrase and use a little poetic license.

If you want to do this experiment with me here’s how to go about it.

Drag something heavy to an upstairs window, then drop it out.

Just before you release it, you are holding raw potential energy. As it falls it converts to kinetic energy.

“and your point is caller?”

Well if you really want to release all that potential energy you don’t need big muscles. You don’t need to “try hard”.

No it’s much simpler than that. You simply release and get out of the way.

The analogy is, that for you to realise your own potential, it’s mostly about getting out of your own road.

If you want to release the potential in others then help them get out of their own road and perhaps try not to get in their way either.

Releasing potential is much more about getting out of the way, than about trying hard.

So how do we get in our own way? Why would we do such a thing?

Mostly it’s a personality thing. Our personality is a bit like an overprotective parent. It means well but often sees us take actions and make decisions that prevent us from realising our potential.

This is true of every personality type. No one gets a free pass.

Our personality will hide our shoes, so we don’t go outside and hurt ourselves. But it’s impossible to release our potential, sitting in the house in our socks.

Depending on where we sit on the “people map”, will determine the way in which we prefer to sabotage our own efforts.

Our personality make up will determine which obstacles we prefer to throw in front of ourselves, so it varies from person to person.

So the key to unlocking your potential is to understand your personality and be wise as to the particular ways you get in your own road.

Once you recognise them, it’s easy to move them aside. Once you know what’s going on, it’s easy to unlock your potential.

Without an understanding of your personality, you’ll continue to look to the external world for the reasons you aren’t realising your potential. You’ll not be able to see the obstacles.

With an understanding of your personality you’ll know exactly how to get out of your own road.

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