Recruitment Training Courses

PeopleMaps runs a series of recruitment training courses.

Recruitment Training Courses for Line Managers

It’s a lot to ask of a manager, to make great hiring decisions without providing them with any training.

Line managers have a hard enough job but we have discovered that most of them need recruitment training courses.

Recruitment Training Courses Avoid Expensive Mistakes

Hiring the wrong person can be extremely expensive.

Not only does it mean you will have to repeat the entire exercise in a few weeks time but your new candidate may do a lot of damage in the meantime.

Recruitment Consultants Are Not A Substitute for Recruitment Training Courses

You may think that your managers do not need training because you use recruitment consultants.

Consultants and agencies are not a substitute for Recruitment Training Courses as each line manager eventually has to make the hiring decision. It is the line manager who will have to live with the decision, not the agency.

Some decisions are simply too important to leave 100% to outside agencies. So although agencies can play their part, the better trained the manager, the better the recruitment will be.

recruitment training coursesOnline Recruitment Training Courses

There are mainly two reasons that you have not sent your line managers on any recruitment training courses;

  1. You grudge the money
  2. You grudge the time

Managers are busy, so taking time out of the office to go on a training course is difficult. This is why PeopleMaps developed online video, recruitment training courses.

Managers can do the course from their office or from home. The course is delivered entirely online using video. Managers simply login and hit play.

Recruitment training courses have never been more convenient.

Affordable Recruitment Training Courses

PeopleMaps has also kept the price low, so that every line manager can afford to train on how to make better hiring decisions.

PeopleMaps did not want to be elitist about this which is why the training is priced so competitively.

What can Managers hope to learn

  • PeopleMaps will take you from the very beginning of the process, where you have to decide what human resource is actually required.
  • You will also discover how to attract the most relevant candidates.
  • You don’t want to spend time interviewing candidates that are unsuitable, so the course will also cover how to prioritise your short list.
  • We will cover actual interview techniques as well.
  • Naturally we will look at the related psychology and psychometrics.

This course is a lot more refined than a list of interview questions – that’s not sufficient in this day and age.

How to Apply

Please contact us specifying your interest and we will send you over full details including pricing.



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