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Success Profile Builder

Discover which candidates you should be looking for and which you should avoid with Success Profile Builder.


Shortlist Pro

Reduce hundreds of applicants to a shortlist in a few seconds. Shortlist candidates that have the right personality type and skills with Shortlist Pro.


Interview Pro

Conduct meaningful interviews with Interview Pro, the webs most insightful personality report and interview guide.


OnBoarding Pro

Get every new employee off to a flying start with OnBoarding Pro, the personality report that reads like an operating manual for each new employee.

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SUccess Profile Builder

Success Profile Builder

There are some personality types that will thrive in your work environment and some that will struggle to cope. This is regardless of the individual’s, qualifications, work experience or skills. Every work environment is different. Success Profile Builder will help you identify candidates that will cope best with your work environment.

You may also add your own criteria (i.e. minimum months of experience, must have a driving license, must have a specific qualification). The PeopleMaps Success Profile Builder is unique, as it lets you build a profile using a combination of personality topics and generic topics.

It’s only once you know what you are looking for, that you can reduce the risks of recruitment.

Shortlist Pro

If you want to hire people with a personality type compatible with your work environment, then you need to know who they are from the outset. Shortlist Pro profiles every applicant and then automatically compares them with your Success Profile, leaving you with the most relevant shortlist to focus on.

Do you receive a lot of applications? Then Shortlist Pro will convert hundreds of applications to a small shortlist in a matter of seconds, using all the data you typically find sifting through CVs PLUS personality type.

Reduce candidate processing time by over 90% with Shortlist Pro.

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SUccess Profile Builder

Interview Pro

Want to know what to talk about in an interview? Want to know what questions you really need to ask and what you should be looking for in their answers? Interview Pro is a personality report written as an Interview Guide.

Even the most inexperienced interviewer can conduct an insightful and meaningful interview using Interview Pro.

There is a range of report designs to choose from depending on the job title. Each report will talk about issues that are relevant to the specific job role. If you really want to know who the candidate is, then use Interview Pro and make better hiring decisions.

OnBoarding Pro

It can take a while for a line manager to understand how to get the best from a new employee. This can be a difficult time for both which is why so many people quit a new job within the first six months.

If you want to reduce staff turnover and get the best from your new employee fast, then use OnBoarding Pro.

This is a personality report about the new employee but it is written for the line manager to guide them and ensure they get the best from the new employee, fast. Line managers use it like an operating manual.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Why Customers Love PeopleMaps

1) Affordable

PeopleMaps aims to save you money from the outset. But even compared to other professional personality profiling systems, PeopleMaps is more cost effective.

2) No Training Required

Most recruitment software and personality profiling systems require a lot of specialist training to use them and interpret the results. PeopleMaps writes in plain English so there is nothing to interpret. No jargon is used and no specialist training is required to put these powerful tools to work.

3) No Consultants required

Most professional profilers using involve a consultant and that can become expensive. You will be dealing with PeopleMaps directly and all advice and support by PeopleMaps or its representatives is provided free of charge. You only need to pay for the service you buy from PeopleMaps.

4) Quick to set up and start using

You can be up and running in minutes. Just tell us about your project and we will configure your account for you and you can be up and running in a matter of minutes. Your PeopleMaps Control Room is very easy to use.

5) Fully Supported

If you do need any help you need only contact us and full support is provided free of charge.

6) No software to install

The PeopleMaps service is delivered via your browser, so there is no software to download, install or manage. You simply login using your username and password via your browser.

7) Short, 7 minute  questionnaire

Many profilers were originally paper based, so their questionnaire can be quite long. PeopleMaps was designed for the Internet from the outset and uses clever technology and design to gather a lot of candidate personality data in as little as 7 minutes. Long questionnaire bore candidates and lose you applicants. The shorter questionnaire also deliver better, more reliable results.

8) Fully customisable application form

You may ask candidates any question you like and can use a variety of answer formats including radio buttons as well as text boxes.

9) Incredibly accurate

PeopleMaps has had thousands of employers use the service over the years and regularly receives feedback on how accurate the report is. Over a million individuals have completed the questionnaire and again have provided feedback on how accurate the results are.

10) Over 15 years of experience

PeopleMaps has been building online personality profiling systems for over fifteen years. This time has enabled PeopleMaps to go through many iterations and refinements, of both its technology and its psychology.

11) Tried and Tested

1.5 million users have completed the personality assessment and thousands or organisations have a PeopleMaps account. The technology and psychology has been tried and tested for many years.

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