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recruitment personality test

Recruitment Personality Test for SMEs

This recruitment personality test is quick and easy to set up. No training is required. Perfect for busy managers who just want to hire the right candidate. Designed as an Interview Guide, you can print off the report and immediately begin interviewing the job candidate with it.


Very Affordable

No setup costs or training costs. You can buy a single report credit if that’s all you need. Possibly the most affordable, professional profiler available today.

Only takes 5 mins. No credit card required.

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Most personality testing systems are not designed to be used in recruitment

What they tend to provide is a standard report, which is used for pretty much every application. This means you have to go through the report and pick out the parts that are relevant to you.

PeopleMaps has written a whole series of topics specifically for line managers to use in recruitment.

We have gone one step further and provided you with a library of forty topics, letting you pick the ones you feel are most relevant to your vacancy. This is why we are confident the this is the best recruitment personality test.


What's in the recruitment personality test?

For example, if you are hiring a sales person then you will want to read about their natural sales style and their ability to make and keep appointments.

If you hare hiring a manager then you will want to know how they approach delegation. You may also want to know how the manage or lead staff.

You will be interested in different things depending on the job role. So instead of giving you a long, unwieldy and expensive report to sift through, PeopleMaps lets you design your own report by picking the handful of topics you feel are most relevant.

Employers Love Using PeopleMaps Recruitment Personality Test

Testimonial for recruitment personality test

People Maps is a cost-effective aid in our staff selection and development activities.

The online profiling it provides has become an integral part of our recruiting process, is easy to access and quick and simple to use by applicants and to administer by HR personnel.

We have found that the personality insight provided by straightforward and reliable reporting helps in structuring our candidate interviews and in increasing our confidence and success in our selection process.

Roger Tyler


How To Make Better Hiring Decisions Using a Recruitment Personality Test

As with any tool, you can use it badly. However, if you follow some basic instructions you will be able to use this powerful tool to make better hiring decisions.

There are two keys to hiring the right person for the job;

  1. Know what the job requires.
  2. Know how to identify these kinds of people.

The candidate interview plays a major part in the hiring decision. The interviewer’s ability to conduct a meaningful and revealing interview is critical to making good hiring decisions.

The PeopleMaps Recruitment Personality Report will help even the most inexperienced line manager to conduct an excellent interview and make better hiring decisions.

Advanced tools only available in the PeopleMaps Personality Test

PeopleMaps has developed an advanced tool to help you understand the work environment you actually offer. It’s called the Work Environment Analyser.

There are many factors which determine the work environment but it is essential to know what you have if you are to place the most compatible person in it and expect them to perform.

Simply put, someone people prefer one environment to another. It’s a personality issue.

Do you worry about hiring the wrong person?

Recruitment is a risky and expensive business. Get it right and everything is good. Get it wrong and your life could be miserable. The wrong person can make the line managers job more difficult. It can also affect the work of other staff members as some people can be disruptive.

Use these personality reports to help reduce your risk and hire the right person for your organisation.

Try The Recruitment Personality Test For Free

We believe the PeopleMaps system to be the best in the world for recruitment. But don’t take out word for it.

Please register for a free account today and try it for yourself. You will love what you see.

It only takes a few minutes to set up and you will be able to use it to interview actual candidates within a few minutes. It’s that quick and easy to use.

This is a Jungian profiling system based on the research of Carl Jung

Please take the free trial and read your own report. You will be amazed at its accuracy and how useful it will be when it comes to hiring the right person for your job. We are convinced you will find this to be the very best recruitment personality test.

FREE Trial - Try The Best Online Recruitment Personality Test TODAY!

If you want to reduce your recruitment risk and hire the right candidate every time, then you need to use a PeopleMaps Recruitment Personality Test

Takes 5 Mins. No credit card required

Recruitment Personality Test
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