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Let’s face it, if personality reports were cheaper, you would use them a lot more often when recruiting.

Well when you upgrade to the Recruitment Pack you get an immediate 50% discount on every order you place.

Design the report you want and as soon as your upgrade to the Recruitment Pack, you get all your reports for half price.

There is no minimum order required, so even if you just want to order one report, you get it for half price.

But that’s not the only breakthrough
PeopleMaps has made in Recruitment

PeopleMaps has created a library of topics, all written specifically to help you make better hiring decisions. So not only do you get to choose what topics you use but you know for sure they are all written specifically for recruitment.

This is unusual because very few personality systems are designed to be used in recruitment. And as far as we know PeopleMaps is the only system that lets you design your own reports.

Example : If you want are hiring a salesperson then you want to read about things that are relevant to sales, such as;

  • The candidates ability to influence people

  • Their tendency to keep and make appointments

  • How they cope with cold calling

If you were recruiting for a management role then none of the above topics would be relevant. You would be better to use topics such as;

  • How to manage resources

  • How the candidate delegates

  • Their leadership style

Imagine being able to conduct a meaningful interview and having the right information about the candidate in front of you while you do it.

You Could Turn Every Line Manager Into An Interview Expert

Most line managers only recruit from time to time so they are amateur at best. With a PeopleMaps personality report, they can deliver a more professional interview and make better hiring decisions as a result.

Even the most inexperienced interviewer will be able to conduct a much more effective interview.

It’s Amazing What You Can Achieve In A Few Minutes

With PeopleMaps there is no mandatory training required. The personality reports are written in plain English so you can literally print off the report and walk into the interview.

All the jargon has been removed as the reports are designed for line managers to use.

The System Is Fast And Easy To Use

The Control Room has been designed to be easy to use too. SImply login and within three clicks you can read a candidate’s report.

You will not have to send your line managers away for a few days on a training course to be able to use the system. A few minutes is all that is required. It’s that easy.

“People Maps have assisted us and our clients to screen candidates thoroughly, the easy to read test results have allowed our clients to get the best benefits of behaviours of potential employees.

 The service and support we have received from Martin and his team has been exceptional and would recommend without hesitation”.

 Victoria Hancock – Estate Agency All Stars, Talent Acquisition Manager

Advanced Features Only Available With Recruitment Pack

There are some very powerful tools available to you when you upgrade to the Recruitment Pack, such as;

  • Branding – You can brand the candidate questionnaire page and the front cover of the reports with your own logo.

  • Work Environment Analyser – Helps you determine which personality types will best fit your work environment.

  • Embed the personality questionnaire in your own site.

Just Some Of The Reasons PeopleMaps Is Loved By Recruiters

  1. You get a 50% discount with the Recruitment Pack

  2. You get to design your own reports and read only what is relevant.

  3. Quick and easy to use, so the learning curve is practically non existent.

  4. No specialists or consultants required.

  5. Reports will guide you through the interview, ensuring that every interview is meaningful and informative.

This is why the Recruitment Pack is such a bargain at only £97 per month. It pays for itself with only a handful of reports.

So Why Am I Making It So Affordable?

We are changing how people recruit. We believe we can help you make better hiring decisions time and again. So we want lots of recruiters doing it and sharing their experience with others.

At some point I will increase the price to something more sensible but for now you can grab a bargain and I will continue to honour it.

Upgrade To The Recruiter Pack Today and Start Saving

There is no reason to continue paying full price when you can enjoy a 50% discount rate. Simply upgrade today and get immediate discount.


Special Bonus

For a very limited period the following Special Bonus is also included when you upgrade.

  • £100 voucher when you upgrade to the Recruitment Pack

    As soon as you upgrade, you are eligible to claim £100 worth of reports. You may use these at any time.

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