Psychometrics testing helps remove some of the guess work and gut feel out of recruitment. This is one of the reasons employers use it.

The only problem is that get started is difficult. It usually requires a training course and money and gagging about. Rarely will you get up and running for less than £1,000.

However the new PeopleMaps recruitment application is not only quick and easy but it’s cheap as well.

Psychometric Test Design Specifically for Recruitment

PeopleMaps has developed a library of topics specifically to help you with your recruitment. There are over 40 topics to chose from.

Typically you pick five, add them together and create a report.

Pick topics that are most pertinent to your job role. If you are hiring a sales person then pick some of the sales topics. If it’s a customer service role then pick some of those.

You can of course just pick one of the pre-design reports from the Most Popular range but it is always better to fully customise the reports you actually want.

The one size fits all approach is long past. Design and pay for only what you need.

If you want a simple cheap report, then just pick one or two topics.

If you want a detailed report, for say a management position, then use up to ten topics, including some from the management range.

Designed for Recruitment

Each topic has been written to help recruiters make better hiring decisions. Each topic includes interview questions to ask as well as an insight into the candidates personality.

The objective is to provide you with more information so that you can make better hiring decisions.

Use the reports to get the most from interviews. Don’t simply rely on gut feel.

For instance let’s consider the Communication Style topic. Most jobs require staff to communicate, either internally or externally. Knowing a candidates preferred communication style can be very helpful in the interview.

It will also help you identify if their communication style is compatible with the work environment you are providing.

Your environment may require a very direct and bunt communication style, whereas the candidate may have a very different style. This would ultimately cause the candidate some issues. It may mean the line manager has to change their approach or it may mean the candidate is not a good fit with the environment you provide.

Meaningful interviews

Most interviews tend to wander about. Let’s face it an interview is a very artificial environment so it’s very difficult to see the real person.

Having their personality report in front of you can make every interview much more focused and productive. You can get into the heart of the matter very quickly.

It lets both you and the candidate talk about the most important issues.

Got £5 and ten minutes?

Got £5 and ten minutes? then you are up and running and reading your first candidates report. It’s that easy.

Not as much as a telephone call is required. No consultants. Just plug and play.

Go get yourself a free trial and start enjoying the benefits of psychometrics testing today.

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