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We all work in a team, whether it’s formal or informal. We often work in more than one team. The success of this team will be determined by how well we work together. Team Builder2 is designed to help you pull together a team and quickly enable it to perform to very high standards.

Don’t waste months getting to know each team member, instead hit the ground running. TeamBuilder2 will give you that crucial insight into each team member and tell you how they are going to interact with every other team member.

What’s in the report

Information about the individual and what makes them tick. It includes questions and consultants comments to help you dig deeper should you want to. It includes the PeopleMaps Map, a visual illustration of where an individual is in terms of personality.

Most crucial of all Team Builder 2 includes an explanation of how an individual will interact with people from all areas of the map, enabling you to see the good chemistry and the potential flare ups.

Where to use the report

Use the report to make an existing team operate better. You may also use it when recruiting a new member for an existing team to ensure they fit in and are not disruptive.

Topics in the report
Candidate Overview
PeopleMaps Personality Map
Working Together
Influencing Skills
Team Builder How People Relate

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