Psychometric Testing – Sales Personnel

Sales Personnel – £25 each


This report is 6-8 pages long when printed and goes into a lot of detail about the candidate. It is designed specifically for assessing sales personnel as it comments on how the individual will cope with all the key competencies that are required by sales professionals.

What’s in the report

This report comprises of a number of sections. Within each section are outlined the candidates key strengths and weaknesses. Questions are provided for the interviewer to ask the candidate. This is an excellent interview guidance tool, as the questions are specific to the individual candidate.

When to use the report

Are you recruiting a sales person? Then this report is essential. It will reveal more than any CV. Whether it is a junior sales position or a senior sales exec, this report will tell you things about the candidate that you really need to know.

Topics in the report

Cold calling
Ideal Sales Environment
Unsuitable Sales Environment
Building relationships (long term and short term)
Making and keeping appointments
Rejection handling
Creative thinking

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