Practice Psychometric Tests

If you are looking to practice psychometric tests then PeopleMaps can help you.

Practice Psychometric Tests for Employers

practice-psychometric-testsIf you are an employer and you are looking for some psychometric tools to help you with recruitment and staff development then you will find the PeopleMaps Personality Test extremely useful.

However let’s clarify what we mean by “psychometric tests” and help you access some practice psychometric tests.

Psychometric tests can be divided into two camps;

  1. Personality Assessments
  2. Ability Tests

Personality assessments are there to help us understand human behaviour. Managers, recruiters and staff can all benefit from a deeper understanding of “self”.

Ability tests try to measure your intellectual and reasoning abilities.

Numerical reasoning tests are among the most common of these types of test.

We often use the words “personality test” and “psychometric test” as if they mean the same thing, however this is not the case.

A personality test is just one version of a psychometric. Not all psychometric tests are about personality.

PeopleMaps specialises exclusively in personality and Jungian psychology. As an employer you may design your own reports to suit your particular needs.

PeopleMaps provides employers with free practice psychometric tests in the form of free trial credits.

Practice Psychometric Tests for Job Seekers

If you are a job seeker you may be looking to practice psychometric tests before attending an interview.

As a candidater you have a couple of options;

Answer honestly or
Fabricate your response

Peoplemaps provides job candidates with training on how to land their dream job and this includes personality reports to help you understand what your ideal job looks like.

The course also prepares you for job interviews.

Personality tests cannot be cheated and your best option is to read a copy of your own personality report.

When it comes to these assessments, it is always better to answer honesty otherwise you run the risk of landing an unsuitable job you wil quickly grow to hate.

Reading your own report is something PeopleMaps recommends and it will help you and your potential employer to have a meaningful interview.

Remember it’s not a test. So the best way to practice psychometric tests is to read your own and understand what it says about you.

Other Practice Psychometric Tests include;

  • numeric reasoning,
  • verbal reasoning,
  • abstract reasoning,
  • spatial or mechanical reasoning

It makes good sense to practice your numerical reasoning and verbal reasoning.

Personality assessments may not have right or wrong answers but all the other tests do. Practice helps.

Employers will probably tell you which tests you are likely to face and therefore give you a chance to get some practice in. If they don’t tell you, ask. All they can say is “no”.

Summary of Practice Psychometric Tests

If you are an employer then you will benefit from creating a free PeopleMaps account and designing a few reports of your own to suit your job roles. Request free trial credits before you buy anything.

If you are job hunting then make sure you know what your personality reports say about you and sign up for the PeopleMaps 3 Step System To Land Your Dream Job, which also includes Practice Psychometric Tests.


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