Integrating psychometrics into other systems

Integrating psychometrics into other systems.

Integrating PeopleMaps Psychometrics into other Systems

Integrating psychometrics

If you have a website or a software system then you could integrate psychometric profiling into it. Typical applications are;

  1. Membership sites.
  2. Recruitment Software
  3. HR Software
  4. Job Boards
  5. Social Networking Groups



Why Integrating Psychometrics Is So Easy With PeopleMaps

PeopleMaps was designed for the Internet from its inception. Unlike many other systems, PeopleMaps was never a paper based system, dragged onto the Internet.

PeopleMaps pioneered online personality profiling. A key specification was therefore integrating psychometrics with other systems.

PeopleMaps has developed the Personality Widget. This clever technology makes inserting the personality questionnaire in your website as easy as inserting an image.

You don’t require any coding ability as you simply copy and paste the small string of code PeopleMaps provides you with.

Integrating Psychometrics Can Be Clever Without Being Difficult

PeopleMaps as always been about accessibility. We make the reports easy to read by writing in plain English and avoiding the use of jargon.

We also make the PeopleMaps technology and user interface really easy to use.

We designed the system to be clever without being difficult. We want to encourage integrating psychometrics into applications.

Integrating Psychometrics Into Membership Sites

Membership sites are increasingly popular on the Internet.

PeopleMaps has taken this into consideration and developed a number of ways to integrate with your membership site.

The standard way requires no technical knowhow on your side whatsoever. You simply copy and paste the small string of code we provide you with.

If you wish a deeper integration then again we do most of the work at our side and you need only provide some basic xml.

Painless and Fast Integration of Psychometrics

The basic concept of PeopleMaps technology is to make it painless and fast to integrate with your own systems. Whether its a WordPress site or a full CMS system. We haven’t yet found a system we can’t integrate with easily.



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