Free Online Psychometric Test Practice and Examples

Looking for a free online psychometric test? This article explains how to go about this.

Free Online Psychometric Test

What is Psychometric Testing?

In this article we are only referring to personality assessments and a personality assessment is just one form of Psychometric test. You would also find numeracy, literacy and others contributing to the suite of psychometrics.

So the first thing you need to accept is that it’s not a test. Everyone commonly referrs to it as a test however this is not the case.

A test implies that there is a right answer and a wrong answer. A test implies that you can score low or high. It also implies that you can practice and perhaps improve your results.

Strictly speaking it is an assessment of your personality profile. There is nothing to improve about your personality or anyone else’s.

You can’t pass or fail a personality assessment. Your personality simply exists.

However for convenience, the world still referrs to it as a “psychometric test”, so we will continue to do so in this article for convenience.

Psychometric Test for Recruitment

If you are recruiting then you want to make better hiring decisions. You want to place the right people in the right job.

This not only benefits the employer but also the candidate. There are many people unhappy in their jobs because the work environment and the employees personality are incompatible.

Good recruitment sees employers matching the individual to the work environment proffered.

Employers need recruitment tools that are quick and easy to use, which is what PeopleMaps has developed the PeopleMaps Control Room.

It’s quick and easy for employers to use and you will be reading candidate reports in a matter of minutes.

You can read more about our psychometric test free from complication here.

Free online psychometric test to evaluate accuracy

PeopleMaps gently insists that you read your own report before you buy a thing.

The surest way to evaluate the systems accuracy is to read your own report.

PeopleMaps gives away thousands of reports each year as we have complete confidence in the systems accuracy. You can read more about it at Free Online Psychometric Test

Practice psychometric test examples for individuals

Because we have become obsessed with Tests, everyone presumes that this is a test, when in fact it is an assessment.

It’s understandable therefore that you may want to Practice Psychometric Tests however it’s not quite as simple as that.

The above article will show you the surest way to practice psychometric a test and will include examples.

Psychometric test practice and examples

Psychometric test examples

Free psychometric test examples for recruitment

If you are an employer then we encourage you to register for a free account and read your own personality report.

In fact the system will not let you order anything until you have completed this evaluation process.

This is why we provide free online psychometric test , as you need to be completely confident in the system.

There is no charge to set up a basic account and we always include Free psychometric test practice and examplesĀ in order to let you evaluate the system fully.


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