Psychometric Tests

What are psychometric tests and how can you use them to advance your life and your business?

Well psychometric tests cover a wide range of things beyond personality. Typically they would include numeracy and literacy tests too. However for the purposes of this article we shall talk exclusively about personality tests.


It is becoming increasingly popular to use psychometric tests for recruitment. A personality report will tell you what kind of person the candidate is and you can then judge how well they will fit in with your environment and your existing team.

For fifty years companies have known that putting the right person in the right job sees better results and higher productivity. They also know that despite a person’s qualifications and skill set, if their personality is not compatible with the environment they will be working in then it is unlikely to appointment will work out in the long run.

So many people are in the wrong job. This happens because employers hire the wrong person for the job and this happens six out of ten times. We can’t blame the candidates for this. It’s the employers that have to take the responsibility. And the first step is to skill up.

Most employers have had no training in how to recruit,  so it’s understandable that mistakes are made 6 out of ten times.

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Psychometric Tests for management

Managing people is very difficult. Most managers are promoted into thier position because they were good at their job. This doesn’t mean they have the people skills necessary to be a good manager. In fact it is unreasonable to expect a new manager to have these skills.

A managers success however is determined by their ability to get results from their staff and that takes an in-depth knowledge of human nature. Reports can provide managers with details on their staff, that will enable the manager to manage more effectively.

Psychometric Tests for personal development

If you are not sure about what direction to take in life. If you can’t decide upon a career path, then use a personality report to help you. Many coaches use aptitude tests to get to know their clients better and quickly.

What’s the right advice for one person may be the wrong advice for another and personality will be the deciding factor.


So whether you are looking at recruitment, management or development, you can get better results when you have better data. Reports will provide you with better data.


These are just some of the applications for psychometric tests.

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