Special Discount Packages for Recruitment Agencies

As an agency you have very specific needs. You require a lot of reports every month so you need them to be cheap.

How would you like to enjoy professional personality reports for FREE?

PeopleMaps has created a special Package for Recruitment Agencies. Please register for your FREE account as usual and then contact PeopleMaps about your special offer.

Here are just some of the reasons Recruitment Agencies use PeopleMaps

The Price

Free reports is difficult to beat.

With your special offer package you get all the reports you need for free. Contact PeopleMaps for details once you have created your free account.

As soon as you decide what report designs you want and roughly how many you need in a month, PeopleMaps will prepare a special package price for you.


For example lets say you regularly put between 10 and 20 candidates forward per month for sales roles.

PeopleMaps would give you a license for up to 20 reports per month. You pay a small fixed fee per month by standing order for the license and enjoy massive savings. There is no cheaper way to buy personality reports.

The license fee depends upon;

  1. The number of report designs (Usually one per job role, though you can have a single generic design)
  2. The complexity of the report designs (a three topic report costs less than a ten topic report)
  3. The maximum number of reports required in a month (It doesn’t need to be precise)

As soon as you know what you want, PeopleMaps will be delighted to give you a quote. You will be delighted at the savings you make. PeopleMaps rewards regular monthly customers. Remember you are paying for the license / service, NOT the reports.

Easy to use

As an agent you don’t have time to go on courses. You certainly don’t have time to send every consultant on a training course.

This is another reason busy recruitment agents love PeopleMaps.

The PeopleMaps system has been designed to be extremely easy to use. Ten minutes and you are live. No training courses to attend.

Your clients don’t need to go on a course either. They can read the report you give to them and understand exactly what it means.

Reports are written in plain English.

They can walk into an interview with the report in their hand and put it to immediate use.

Brand as Your Own

You may also embed the personality questionnaire in your own website and brand it as your own. You can copy and paste the reports into your own documents if you like too.

And you may upload and add your logo to the front cover of the report PDFs. This lets you simply save the PDFs and then forward them directly to your clients along with the candidate’s CV if you like. Your branding dominates the report PDF.

Quick Questionnaire

PeopleMaps is the fastest professional personality questionnaire on the web, taking as little as 3 minutes to complete.

Your candidates will not get bored or be put off when you ask them to complete it.

There is a short 5Q version which takes three minutes and a longer 10Q which takes about 7 minutes. Obviously the 10Q returns better results but it’s up to you as to which one you use.

Give yourself an edge

When competing against other agencies personality reports can help give you the edge over other agencies. Add value to your service and win more clients by offering personality reports along with CVs.

Sign up for your FREE account

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Psychometric test for Recruitment Agencies

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