Psychometric Testing with Personality

PeopleMaps pioneered online psychometric testing with personality and it offers applications for individuals and businesses.

Personality testing is a sub-category of psychometric testing, though the words personality testing and psychometric testing are often used interchangeably. People often say one, when they mean the other.

This science has been around since the 1950’s and much of it is based on the research of Carl Jung.

You can use it for all manner of things. In fact wherever you find people you will find a need to understand the people better.

Through a deeper understanding of self and others it is possible to resolve many of the conflicts we face. Whether these be private one-to-one conflicts with a family member or colleague or whether they are conflicts of state, an understanding of psychology will help.

Personality Profiling Psychometric Applications

PeopleMaps combines the psychology of Jungian profiling with internet technology to produce a variety of products. Some are ready made and accessible to you via this site. Others are developed with partners and delivered directly by them. Imagine your digital material, truly personalised and delivered online. PeopleMaps personalises content – beyond the usual demographics, through psychometric testing.

The PeopleMaps Map

PeopleMaps is based on profiling your personality type and this can be represented by where you sit on the PeopleMaps Map. This unique visual system has been designed to make it easy to understand your personality in relation to others.

By using a map instead of a label, we avoid pigeonholing you or boxing you in. You have a preferred behaviour but you can move about the map if you want to.

personality types

The PeopleMaps Compass

Another visual representation of your type, the PeopleMaps Compass, takes it down to a deeper level – looking at your likely behaviour in one particular area. The Compass appears on most personality reports created for PeopleMaps’ applications for staff recruitment and development.


Again this is a unique invention of PeopleMaps.

The PeopleMaps Questionnaire

This unique questionnaire has taken many years to develop and refine. There are two versions. a 5Q and a 10Q. It consists of only 5 (or 10), four part questions which can be completed in under 3 to 8 minutes. Designed exclusively for personality centric psychometric testing on the web, it results in maximum accuracy in the shortest possible time.

To be accurate online you need to offer users a quick questionnaire as candidate fatigue will set in quicker than usual. Where an individual may spend 40 mins completing a paper based questionnaire, they will not spend 40 minutes online doing the same.

Carl Jung

The theory underpinning PeopleMaps profiling comes from the work of Carl Jung, the Swiss psychologist who believed every individual was unique. His theory focuses on the cognitive aspects of personality i.e. how people think and take on board information to make their decisions and sense of the world. This is the psychological theory that other renowned profilers including the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) are based on.

PeopleMaps can also a psychometric test for development purposes, so if you are a coach and would like a tool to use with your clients then you will find everything you need.

Easy, Instant and Online

PeopleMaps delivers professional psychological profiling in plain English with NO training required. The unique psychometric test / personality questionnaire provides accurate results in under 8 minutes over just 10 questions, and all personality reports are issued instantly. Take the questionnaire on the front page and try it yourself.


This has been an article about psychometric testing with personality.

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