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Interviewing candidates is a skill, where you are quickly trying to ascertain if you want this person to work with you. InterviewAssist has been designed for line managers, where you can print it out and walk into an interview, knowing that you will come out of it having had a meaningful and informative experience. Even inexperienced interviewers will be able to conduct productive interviews with this report.

What’s in the report

The report is divided into a several sections and when printed is about 8 pages long. There are statements about the candidate and questions you should ask, providing you with a deeper understanding of the candidate. This report also includes several graphs to illustrate the personality of the candidate.

When to use the report

If you are interviewing anyone then this report will guarantee that you have a productive interview.

The report is suitable for interviewing candidates ranging from hourly paid part time workers to team leaders and junior managers.

You will obviously have questions that you need to ask pertaining to your industry and the job role however Interview Assist will deal with all the personality issues.

Topics in the report

The candidate’s personality profile
How likely they are to commit to the job
How they are likely to behave at an interview
The candidate’s key strengths
The candidate’s key competencies
Potential areas of challenge
Working environment preferences
Any supervisory issues
Advice on how to conduct this candidate’s interview in relation to their profile

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