InterviewAssist Executive £40 each


This report is 15 pages long when printed and goes into a lot of detail about the candidate.

It is typically used for more senior positions as it comments on how the individual will cope with all the key competencies that are required by senior managers.

What’s in the report

This report is broken down into a number of sections. Within each section are outlined the candidates key strengths and weaknesses.

Questions are provided for the interviewer to ask the candidate. This is an excellent interview guidance tool as the questions are specific to the individual candidate.

When to use the report

Hiring new senior managers or looking to make an internal promotion into a senior position within your company? Then InterviewAssist Exec is a must.

When you need to know everything about the person and they will need to have a broad understanding of the business, then InterviewAssist Exec is the report you want.

Topics in the report

Personality overview
Management style
Organisation and planning skills
Strategic thinking
Product development
Team working
Communications skills
Influencing skills
Sales ability
Business processes
Finance control
Planning for the future

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