Can everyday people like you and me use psychometrics in our everyday lives?

There are a lot of educated people unhappy with the idea. I’m not sure why, perhaps they feel threatened.

My belief is that these tools are for everyone and a little knowledge is not a dangerous thing, it may be the little thing you need to make all the difference to the life you are living.

It used to be you need a man who smoked a pipe and who wore elbow patches to interpret your results and deliver your personality test results but this is no longer the case.

Today you can do it completely online and get amazing insight in a matter of minutes. No pipe smoke need be endured.

PeopleMaps pioneered online psychometric testing

Back in 2001 when PeopleMaps first launched, there were may people with elbow patches complaining that online personality testing could not be done.

There were too many people who made too much money interpreting reports. There were too many people threatened by online personality testing.

We saw similar arguments given by the traditional book shops and although we do not want to see out bookshops close, we still want to access books online.

Online books changed the industry. Do people read less as a result? No. They do it differently.

Gatekeepers of information are heading the way of the dinosaurs. Yes it undermines their power base but it also gives more people access to more information and lets them think for themselves.

PeopleMaps believes that an individual can read their own personality report and use their common sense to get something useful from it. They can use it to improve their life in some way.

If an individual wants to understand what makes them (or anyone else tick) then PeopleMaps wants to give them access to that information.

PeopleMaps doesn’t believe the gatekeepers are necessary. Translating jargon is not adding value.

if people want to add value then there is plenty to talk about once the personality report is on the table. The personality report is only part of the process.

PeopleMaps works with coaches and these coaches use the reports with clients to help them with any number of areas of their lives. from helpig them land their dream job, to starting their own business to figuring out their relationships.

The personality reports help and provide some critical insight however, the coaches add real value by taking it forward from there. Personality reports become valuable when you do something with them.

PeopleMaps wants to see managers use psychometric testing in their every day jobs to help them manage more effectively.

Managers can make better hiring decisions and they can increase productivity if they understand more about personality psychology.

Individuals can search for jobs that are more compatible with their core personality and will more likely to enjoy success as a result.

Even in your everyday interaction with people, you will find more pleasure and less pain when you understand personality psychology. When you know why people do what they do, life gets a little easier.

Understanding your self and others is a sure way to move towards a happier an more successful life.

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