Psychometric Test for Recruitment

Welcome to the ultimate Psychometric Test for Recruitment.

Got 5 minutes? Then you can use the PeopleMaps to make better hiring decisions. This personality test is designed to help you get to know your candidates quickly and conduct great interviews.

PeopleMaps is a lot easier to use than it is to explain. As soon as you register for a free account you will be taken step by step through a set up wizard. Within five minutes you will be reading your own personality report.

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What is a Psychometric Test for Recruitment?

Not all personality systems are designed to be used in recruitment. In fact PeopleMaps may be the only professional psychometric system with a library of topics designed specifically for recruitment.

Do you need a lot of Psychometric training?

No. Follow the setup wizard and you will be up and running. The PeopleMaps System is designed to be operated without any training. You should be able to print off the report and walk into an interview with a candidate and conduct the most revealing and insightful interview.

Video Explaining Recruitment Application


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Do you need a degree in psychology or to hire a psychologist?

No psychologists required. Nor do you require a psychology degree to use PeopleMaps. It is designed for ordinary people like you and me.

The reports are written in plain English. No crazy diagrams or charts to interpret.

Does This Psychometric Test for Recruitment actually Work?

Here is a typical testimonial.

“We had been looking for a psychometric profiler for recruitment purposes. Most seemed to be orientated to the individual – PeopleMaps’ tests are more tailored to the corporate angle. It’s convenient and quick.”
Kathy Cross, HR Manager, Karcher

If you want to make better hiring decisions then you need to remove some of the guess work and work with better data. This personality report will provide you with better data so you can make better choices.

It tests if you are putting the right person in the job. The recruitment process tests everything except the thing that matters most – their personality and attitude.

Testing if the candidate will fit with your environment is essential.

We refer to them as tests however it is more accurate to refer to them as assessments. And as far as assessments go they are bias free. Most aspects of the employment process have a bias. However personality tests do not. So if you want less bias in your candidate testing then use personality psychometrics

Is it Affordable?

Got £5 ($7.50)? Then you can buy reports. You decide how much you want to spend. If you want a long report and are happy to add a lot of topics then go ahead. If you just want a short, cheap report, then just use one or two topics.

Go try it. You’ll see what I mean.

Want a huge discount

If you are a large, regular user of personality reports then you can take out an Enterprise Membership and get all your reports under a license at huge discount rates, for a small monthly fee.

Start by registering for your free account. All the details are available inside your Control Room.

It’s Fast

With some providers it could take weeks to get you up and running. With PeopleMaps you will be reading reports in about 5 minutes. And if you request a free trial, you could be reading it for free.

It’s Easy

PeopleMaps is the Personality Test that everyone can use. We set out with one agenda in mind back in 2000. Create an online personality test that is so easy, everyone can use it.

It can be customized

You may construct your own report designs. The differences between one role and another are huge, so you need a report that reflects this.

So not only can you design reports without bias you can take into account the differences in each job role.

Psychometric Testing in Employment

Got too many applications? Discover how you can use the PeopleMaps Psychometritric Test for Recruitment in your candidate screening process.

Save yourself days of applicant processing and slash your recruitment costs in the process.

How to interview someone for a job

You may never have had any training in how to interview someone for a job.

Behavioral based candidate interviews means improved selection. It lets you see the applicant within the right context.

Make better Hiring Decisions

Better hiring decisions make for better companies. A company is only as good as the people in it, so you want to make sure you make good hiring decisions, time and again.

The PeopleMaps Profiler is designed to enable you to do just that.


You can read more about psychometric testing with personality here, where it goes into more detail and background. Make sure you try it for yourself for free.


The questionnaire is available in several languages and the reports are available in English and Spanish.



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