Psychometric Test for Recruitment Agencies

Special Discount Package for Recruitment Agencies

PeopleMaps has developed a special psychometric test for recruitment agencies.

PeopleMaps has been dealing with recruitment agencies of several years and we have gotten to understand your needs pretty well.

This is why we have pulled together a very special package specifically for agencies.

Step 1 – Create your free account and access your PeopleMaps Control Room right away. – Go do that now.

Step 2 – Once you have access to your PeopleMaps Control Room please raise a quote request for an Enterprise License.

Report Designs

You may use any of the standard report designs or PeopleMaps will design a report for you based on your specific requirements.

You may either design a report for each job role or simply design a generic report that you can use in all cases.

Here are just some of the reasons Recruitment Agencies use PeopleMaps

The Price

The Enterprise License attracts a massive discount. A standard report costs around £25 however with an Enterprise License you will pay nothing like that.

With your special offer Enterprise License you specify how many credits you want per month. You need one credit per candidate and you may use these credits on any report design you fancy.  All the credits delivered under your Enterprise License are hugely discounted.

It doesn’t need to be precise. For instance if you use between 20 and 40 per month then we would look at a license that gives you up to 40 credits per month. Unused credits do not roll over to the following month, however you are payoing for the service, not the reports, so they are so massively discounted that you don’t need to worry about a few unused credits. It is still significantly cheaper than the Pay As You Go option. Even if you only used half of the credits, its still cheaper than Pay As You Go.

There is simply no better or cheaper way to buy personality reports.

If you have a quotation from any other professional, recognized supplier please just let us know and we guarantee to beat it.

Easy to use

Who has the time to go on courses. You need to be able to simply use the service and get the reports. You do not have the time to go figure it all out.

The PeopleMaps system has been designed to be extremely easy to use. You will be up and running in a matter of minutes. No training courses to attend. Simply Plug and Play.

Reports are easy for your clients to read to. No training or interpretation required as they are written in plain English.

Brand as Your Own

You may also embed the personality questionnaire in your own website and effectively brand it as your own. You can copy and paste the reports into your own documents if you like too.

Quick Questionnaire

PeopleMaps is the fastest professional personality questionnaire on the web, taking as little as 7 minutes to complete.

Your candidates will not get bored or be put off, when you ask them to complete it.

Give yourself an edge

When competing against other agencies personality reports can help give you the edge over other agencies. Add value to your service and win more clients by offering personality reports.

PeopleMaps has also created a free psychometric test for recruiters, which will give you an idea about you as a recruiter.

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Psychometric test for Recruitment Agencies

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