Psychometric Test for Managers

What is a psychometric test for managers?

Welcome to the psychometric test for managers. Designed specifically to help you.

Imagine if your employees all came with an operating manual?

psychometric test for managersDo you think your life would be easier?

Do you think you would get more done?

Let’s face it, the most difficult job any manager faces is managing people. People are the biggest problem.

You have no trouble figuring out most things. You know what you are doing. You have experience and skills; its why you were promoted into a management role in the first place.

And then you find yourself with a bunch of staff and all the problems that come with them.

Even the most simple request can turn into a nightmare. You figured you were perfectly clear but somehow the wires got crossed and it turns into a mess and a problem that you eventually have to sort out.

This is why we created the Psychometric Test for Managers.

Sign for a free account and try it out for yourself. It’s easier to do than to explain.

Psychometric test for managers

What is management and what’s a psychometric test?

Good question. I figure if more people knew what they were getting into when they took the promotion, they wouldn’t be so keen.

You have to achieve your outcomes through others. You have to apply the resources at your disposal to get your results. And most of the resources are humans. Sure you may have some machinery or ideas but most of your time will be spent organising your humans and cleaning up their mess.

For many, it’s a lot like parenting, with none of the rewards.

So what’s a good manager?

Tricky question. I suppose a good boss is someone that gets exceptional performance, from ordinary people.

People may be a resource but it’s extremely unpredictable. It’s not like a photocopier. You buy a photocopier and the manufacturer will tell you that it produces 2000 copies per minute. But when you take on a new person there is no knowing how they will perform.

One will get exceptional results and the next will get zilch.

This is often because what works for one person will not work for another. The reason we created this psychometric report is to help you become exceptional by getting exceptional results.

So what is the PeopleMaps Psychometric Test for Managers?

Well, we figured that you deserve a break. We thought your life would be much easier if you actually had the operating manual on your staff members. Imagine knowing the right way to handle each person on your team.

Now I know as a manager you are never the cause of any of the problems but wouldn’t it be nice to actually know for sure which approach to take.

Let me explain just some of the topics covered


Most problems are communication problems. You would think something so simple couldn’t go so wrong – but it does. In fact, it goes wrong every day, in every workplace.

When you are in charge of people, you need to be exceptionally good at communicating. Unfortunately, humans are not always straightforward. What works for one will not work for the next.

This tool includes a topic called “Communications” which will explain exactly how you should communicate if you want to ensure your message is received and understood. And it’ varies from person to person. Effective communications are essential to effective management. Let the report do the heavy lifting here. Use the manual.

Reprimanding staff

There comes a time when as a manager you find yourself having to reprimand someone because they have done something that is unacceptable.

But how do you approach this? What will be the consequences? How do you ensure you modify the behaviour and get better results from here forward.

Sure we would all like to let off some steam but it may be counterproductive. Different personality types need to be handled differently if you are to maintain or increase productivity.

This topic will tell you exactly where you stand and what you need to do for each employee. Astound your bosses and surprise your people with a level of insight that most managers never develop.


Delegating is simple right?

Well if it was so simple how come it goes wrong so often. The reason is that our personality affects how we like to be delegated to. If you are delegating the same way to all your staff then some of the time you are doing it wrong.

Understand your staff members personality and how that affects how you delegate and all of a sudden you become the champion of delegating. And if you consider that management is all about getting things done through others, then delegating is really important. Use the personality report and become brilliant at it.

How To Use The Psychometric Test for Managers

  1. Get each staff member to complete the personality questionnaire.
  2. Log in to your Control Room and decide what you want to know about them.
  3. Read their personality report and follow the guidance
  4. Enjoy the results and the lack of second-guessing.
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