Psychometric Test for Development

The PeopleMaps psychometric test for development is a breakthrough in coaching. Personality tests are the bedrock of personal development. Whether you are developing yourself or involved in someone else’s development, perhaps as a coach, a deep understanding of “self” is essential. Each person is unique.

You don’t need to be a psychologist to use PeopleMaps. The system was developed by a pioneering UK psychologist and designed to be easy for people to use. Psychometric tests help us comprehend our behaviour which we can use to our benefit and reach our potential.

Psychometric Test for Development

Are you a coach?

Psychometric Test for Development of others

As a coach you will have tried a number of practice tests. Lots of coaches have used PeopleMaps over the years. The short questionnaire and incredible accuracy of reports, are only two of the reasons that coaches and professionals use PeopleMaps for more than just recruitment. It isn’t about skill.

Most tests are a one size fits all approach. However with PeopleMaps tests, you have the ability to design the reports you need. You can tailor the report to the person. You may design a different report for each client if you like. It’s free to design reports so you can create your own suite of report designs that suit your coaching. And you don’t need to be a psychologist to make full use of it.

Many other systems require you to be a psychologist or hire a psychologist. PeopleMaps does all the research and heavy lifting for you. You don’t need a degree to use it either.

So if you are a coach or even a boss, you may be helping someone with their own personal development. There is no better place to start than with a PeopleMaps report. You’ll find it extremely helpful.

A psychometric test for development

If you have tried other tests you may think there is just a single report about you. Normally you have to take tests for this and tests, however there are numerous reports you can create. PeopleMaps has written many topics that relate to personal development and now provides you with an entire library full of them. That’s what makes this the best Psychometric Test for Development and the process is simple.

You simply select the topics you want and design the report you want.

Each topic is written to assist you and they can be divided approximately into the following categories;


Career Topics

Each of these topics have been used by other job coaches to help clients discover what job they should be doing.

Employers have used psychologists and profiling to put the right people in the right job, for many years. Now this same technology is available to you.

Put yourself in your ideal job.

Employers do this because everyone benefits from it; the company and the individual.


The quality of our lives varies proportionally with the quality of the relationships we have with the people in our lives.

But people are complex. You are complex. Therefore our relationships are complex. Each of these topics is designed so you are able to understand the various aspects of your personality that are important to building good relationships.


Over 50% of people would like to run their own business. Each of these topics is written for anyone who already runs their own business or is thinking about it. Psychologists have been working on entrepreneurship for a long time. Employers have been using it to identify excellent employees.

Discover what kind of entrepreneur you really are.

If you already run a business then it will enable you to figure out some of the things you should be doing more of and what things you should delegate to others.

It will show you where you are dropping the ball and why. You will discover how to work to your strengths and build your business your way.

And if you are thinking of starting your own business it will tell you what trapps you need to watch out for. It will also help you identify the kind of partners or staff you will need most of all.


There are topics that will help you focus in on your natural strengths. Everyone has natural strengths. What they are depends on your psychological type. You really need to figure out your personality to tap into your strengths. People are all different. What one person is able to do easily another will struggle with.


We all also have weaknesses. The trick is to know what they are and learn to work with them. You will never eliminate them but you will be able to live with them.


What motivates you and how you are motivated depends upon your personality type. If you understand this then you stand a chance of tapping into your motivation. And lets be honest with enough motivation we can accomplish pretty much anything.

Most hurdles can be overcome if there is sufficient motivation. It’s a personality issue and you need to understand it if you are to enjoy success in personal development.


Although this is commonly seen as a psychometric test for recruitment it is clearly of benefit to coaches and anyone interested in personal development.

When you go through the questionnaire you will notice that it doesn’t challenge your mental abilities. The programs and their settings are designed to be easy. Students as young as ten could use it. It is not measuring intelligence.

Clinical Tests

It is probably worth pointing out that this is not a clinical test. Clinical psychology is an entirely different field. You can read more about clinical psychology and patients disorders here. If you feel that you would prefer a clinical test then you will need to look elsewhere as this is not a clinical test.

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