The PeopleMaps “How to Series” Podcast is here!

The podcast consists of a series of interviews with Anne Ellis, Director of Psychology at PeopleMaps – and we’ve created it to help you transform your business through psychological profiling.

Anne knows more about profiling than any of us, so we were really keen to get her to reveal her secrets in person. As you know, we’re passionate about profiling, and its ability to affect change in an organisation. This How to Series will help you understand how to use profiling for more than just executive recruitment.

We’ve uploaded the first episode “How to Build Effective teams”. It lasts about 20 minutes, and my favourite part is where Anne reveals that successful teams don’t even need a “leader”!

Anne also looks at;

  • Issues that arise when building teams
  • Why these issues occur
  • Where should we start when creating a team for a project
  • What information is available to allow us to build a team
  • How to build a team so effective it doesn’t need a leader

You can can subscribe to the podcast in iTunes, and/or download each episode directly from Jellycast: PeopleMaps Psychological Profiling Secrets

(tip: subscribing to the series will automatically update you when each new episode is uploaded. I’ve got my subscription in beside The Archers and the wonderfully acerbic Stephen Fry!)

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