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A Suite of Personality Reports Designed Specifically For Schools

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For Pupils

The suite contains reports you can hand to pupils to help them understand themselves.

For Teachers

Reports for teachers to help them understand each pupil and themselves.

For Head-Teachers

Personality reports for Head-Teachers to help them recruit and manage teaching staff.

school who are you

Who Are You

This is a mini-report designed to give to every pupil.

It focuses on the positive aspects of their personality and is designed to raise their self-awareness.

As it focuses on the positives, the report is also designed to help the pupil feel good about themselves by identifying some of their natural qualities.

Although this is a professional personality report, it is written in plain English and is jargon-free. This report requires no interpretation and is designed to be used by teenagers as young as 12 years old. Providing the pupil understands the questions being asked, then they can use this report. it is also OK if they have to look up some of the words used in the personality questionnaire.

Schools are encouraged to provide this report to all their pupils as an introduction to their personal psychology. A deeper understanding of self can help teenagers cope a little better with adolescence.

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Interview pro for consultants

Which Career? Which Course?

Teenagers have to make some large, life-defining choices, with very limited experience.

Research has shown that between 40% and 58% of people are in the wrong job. If we are to reduce this, then teenagers need more help when making course and career decisions.

This detailed personality report focuses exclusively on the individua’s personality and is designed to help them understand the type of work environment they will thrive in. regardless of qualifications of experience or skills, there are some work environments you will thrive in and others that will be toxic.

This report will help the individual understand their natural abilities and help them choose courses and careers that work to their natural strengths.

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school teaching teens

Teaching Teens

Teaching is challenging work. This personality report is for teachers eyes only and is designed to help the teacher understand an individual in order to get the best from them.

It describes their preferred environment and what causes them stress, which varies depending on the individual’s personality type.

It will illustrate what management approach will work best with them. Did you know that learning style is personality-centric? This report also describes the pupils prefered learning style.

The report explains what motivates the pupil and how they will respond to a reprimand.

This report provides a teacher with a level of insight into each pupil that will help them get the best from the pupil and make teaching them a little easier.

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recruiting teachers

Recruiting Teachers

Recruiting the right teachers for your school is challenging. As a headteacher, you will have your own specific requirements that are unique to you.

Regardless of qualifications or experience, some teachers will fit in well and others will not. it all depends upon their personality type.

PeopleMaps has helped thousands of organisation hire the right people. This personality report is designed specifically to help headteachers hire the right candidate for their school.

The personality report is written as an interview guide, so not only does it provide you with a detailed description of the candidate’s personality, it also provides interview questions to ask and explains what to look for in their answers.

This report covers issues such as; their communication style, how they deal with challenging behaviour, How to work under pressure, how they work with other people, their planning and their administration.

It also includes many personality gauges revealing things such as their natural attention to detail.

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school manage teachers

Managing Teachers

Managing people is arguably the most challenging part of being a headteacher. Research shows that managing other people is the most challenging part of the management role.

One of the reasons it is so difficult is because people are complex. This challenge is compounded because people are also very different. What works with one person may be the worst thing to do with the next.

The Managing Teachers personality report is designed to give you a deep insight into each of your staff and understand how to manage them effectively. it removes a lot of the trial and error and provides you with data.

It describes the management style they respond best to. You will learn about their preferred communication style. Communication problems are very common.  You will discover what stresses the individual and how to minimise stress.

This personality report also explains how to motivate the teacher and even how to reprimand them. use this report if you want to get the very best from each of your staff.

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school teams


People are complex but as soon as you put two or more of them together to form a team, it gets very complex.

Contrary to popular opinion, everyone has a role to play in the team. it’s true that some people don’t come across as team players, however, they still have an important role to play in the team.

If you are trying to get a group of people to work together as an effective team, then you need to understand more about their personality.

This report is designed to be handed to each individual. It describes who they are and what their ideal role in the team is. it also describes their communication style.

There are multiple personality gauges describing things such as whether they prefer dealing with details or the big picture.

Build teams more effectively than ever with this powerful new insight.

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