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The PeopleMaps system can quickly produce online psychometric profiling solutions for a wide variety of applications. As a result, we enjoy partnerships with many varied types of company, as affiliates and under license.

Increase value for your visitors

Generate extra income for your business

Differentiate your product offering

Personalise your digital content beyond traditional demographics

Who Can Partner with PeopleMaps?

Career Coach | Life Coach | Relationship Coach | Outplacement Service | CV Writer | Dating Site | Business Coach | Digital Marketing | HR Consultant | Lifestyle Website | Training Company | Trade Organisation | Membership Body | Affiliate Marketer | Business Psychologist

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“outstanding value for money”
Our clients tell us that the PeopleMaps psychometric test delivers outstanding value for money, and really helps them improve both their CV and their interview technique. We therefore have no hesitation in recommending PeopleMaps to website owners, employers and anyone looking for a new job.
Paul Bradley, Founder, Bradley CVs Ltd

Why partner with PeopleMaps?

We believe that everyone should have access to low-cost, easy-to-use, personality profiles in plain English – hassle-free. We make it instant, online and easy.

Unlike other traditional profiling providers, we developed the PeopleMaps service specifically for the web – this means your clients get access to their personality reports instantly – from anywhere in the world.

You don’t need any training to use the PeopleMaps reports – they’re written in plain English.

You can give something free to every client, by choosing to partner with PeopleMaps – individuals love the free personality report, and companies can benefit from free reports minutes after registering.

Our partnership philosophy is rooted in the concept of sharing in success, and we offer generous revenue share options for appropriate account types, and low cost licenses for larger partners.

We can produce professional personality reports for any application very quickly, which means you can respond quickly to your market.

Interested in operating a PeopleMaps license or developing a profiling application of your own? Contact us

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