Create Winning CVs : Ace Every Interview

CV and Interviews

1.Give your CV the winning edge.

2.Ace every interview.

3.Prepare for psychometric tests.

Just three of the things this very special CVs and Interviews personality report can do for you. And all for the cost of a take out meal for two.

This personalised report shows you how to market yourself using your personality information, and for the first time, lets you see what employers are reading about you.

What’s Inside?

What to emphasise in your CVs and letters
Will your CV work for you or shoot you in the foot. Discover what employers will find most interesting about you.

You and your interview : what to promote, and what to avoid
If you’ve got as far as the interview you don’t want to blow it. The secret to this is in your report.

You as a manager (with interview questions)
This is what employers may be reading about you as potential management material. You may not be going in for a management position at present but employers think ahead. Find out how you are coming across as a manager.

Your organisational skills (with interview questions)
Almost every job requires some organisation ability. This is an extract from the actual personality report that employers use. Discover how you are coming across and read the interview questions you will be asked.

You and motivation (with interview questions)
How do you think you are motivated? How do you motivate others? Not sure? Then read your report.

Your personal development (with interview questions)
Employers are usually looking to develop you and increase the value of their investment. They want to know how you approach personal development. Are you prepared for their questions?

You and pressure (with interview questions)
Can you handle the pressure? How do you cope with pressure? Employers want to know, you should too.

Your strengths and weaknesses
If you know your strengths then you can play to them in an interview. If you know your weaknesses then you can compensate for them. Everyone has them. What’s yours? Want to know what employers believe them to be? Find out in your report.

Memo from Business Psychologist to Employer about you
This is the kind of memo that a business psychologist will send to an employer having read your personality report. This was prepared by an experienced business psychologist and provides you with further insight into how employers use personality profiling. Be in the know. Don’t leave it to chance.

This report will see you land a better job and see you do it significantly quicker than if you did not have this report. But let’s not get carried away. Even if this report meant you only had to attend three interviews to get a job offer instead of four, would that be worth it?

Say it meant you only had to send out twenty CVs instead of fifty, would it be worth it?

Say it stopped you shooting yourself in the foot and saw you being offered a job that you may otherwise have been passed over for, would it it be worth it?

Get your report now

You can get your report now : take your free test and read your free report before you make any purchase (no obligation – no credit card required – money back guarantee).

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