Interview Pro - Personality Reports For Interviewing Job Candidates.

Discover Who Your Candidates Really Are and Hire The Very Best

A Quick and Easy Recruitment Solution For Small Businesses. Avoid Hiring Problems Using These Personality-Centric Interview Guides

Reduce Risk

Reduce your recruitment risk with Interview Pro personality reports.

Interview Guides

Each personality report is designed as an interview guide, ensuring you ask the right questions.

Jargon Free

All reports are written in plain English, so you can use them right away with no specialist traiing.


The personality questionnaire only takes the candidate 5 minutes and reports are incredibly accurate

Helping You Hire The Best and Avoid The Nightmares.

Do You Want To Hire The Very Best Candidates And Reduce Your Recruitment Risk?

Some personality types will thrive in your job role, whilst most others will struggle. This is regardless of their skills, qualifications or experience. This is purely a function of their personality type.

What Can Personality Profiling Do For You?

No Psychologists Required

All the psychology has been done before you get your report. Each report can be used to guide even the most inexperienced interviewer and help you hire the right candidate.

It Reduces Staff Turnover

When people quit their job it’s incredibly disruptive. The reality is that some people will be able to cope with your work environment better than others. When someone struggles to cope with their work environment, they leave. However, hire the right personality type and they will stay and you will reduce your staff turnover.

Increase Productivity

Only when you are in the right job can you truly excel. PeopleMaps personality reports will help you place the right person in the right job. The personality report will help you hire people who can work to their natural strengths and therefore perform at high levels. 

Reduce Risk and Disruption

Hiring the wrong person not only sees their productivity low but it can affect everyone else they are working beside. The wrong person can reduce everyone’s productivity. The wrong person can be very disruptive and do a lot of damage before they leave.

Do I Need Special Training?

Most profiling systems require you to go on a training course to learn how to interpret the results and use them. PeopleMaps takes a different approach and writes the reports in plain English. These jargon-free reports can be used by anyone. no interpretation is required.

What Psychology Is It Based On?

PeopleMaps is based on the research of Carl Jung, the famous Swiss psychologist who published the book “Psychological Types” in 1921.

Use Right Away

Busy line managers do not have time to go on a course to learn psychology. You want a tool you can use right away. Interview Pro is simple to use and jargon free. There is no learning curve.

Is it accurate?

Thousands of clients have used Interview pro and the most common response is that it is “spookily accurate”. Try it for yourself and you be the judge.

Can it reduce recruitment risk?

Yes, it reduces your recruitment risk. It will tell you things about the candidate that the CV simply doesn’t. Not only that it will help you get the candidate to open up and tell you what you need to know to make a good hiring decision.

Do I give a copy of the report to the candidate?

We recommend that you share extracts from the report with your candidate and ask them to comment. Whether they agree or disagree, you will develop a revealing conversation. The more you get a candidate to talk, the more you will learn about them.

The PeopleMaps Approach

All of the Interview Pro personality reports are written in plain English and may be used right away, without any specialist training.

Written as interview guides, they not only tell you about the candidate, you are provided with interview questions to ask, in order to get to know the real person.



Why Customers Love Using PeopleMaps For Recruitment


Branding Features

Upload your logo to the landing page and the reports 


Embed The Questionnaire

You may embed the questionnaire in your website and send job candidates to your site or you can use the landing page provided by PeopleMaps.


Insightful Interview Guides

Each personality report is designed as an interview guide, providing you with questions to ask and what to look for in the candidate’s answers. This lets even the most inexperienced interviewer conduct an insightful and revealing interview.


5 Minute Questionnaire

The personality questionnaire only takes 5 minutes so candidates will complete it.


Free Job Application Software Included

You can use the PeopleMaps platform to manage your job applications for free. no need for expensive Applicant Tracking Systems, as PeopleMaps has all the features you need.


Reports For Every Job Role

Whatever job role you are filling, PeopleMaps has a report design that will suit it perfectly.  For example, if you are hiring a salesperson, then use Interview Pro – Sales as this report talks only about issues that are pertinent to sales jobs.


No Training Required

Reports are jargon-free and written in plain English so any interviewer can use them without any specialist training. Quick and easy.


Data Laws Compliance Made Easy

The PeopleMaps software makes it easy for your recruitment to comply with the GDPR Data Laws. Many organisations unwittingly break these laws when recruiting. However, with PeopleMaps you don’t need to worry.

How It Works

1 - Select a Report Design That Matches Your Job Title

There are many report designs to choose from. Select one that most closely resembles your job role. If you are not sure, please provide PeopleMaps with your job description and a design will be recommended.


2 - Ask the Candidate To Complete the Questionnaire

You are provided with your own unique landing page URL. Send this to each candidate and ask them to complete the personality questionnaire. it only takes 5 minutes, however, due to the clever design, it produces high-resolution reports that are incredibly accurate.

3 - Use the Report To Guide Your Interview

Each report is written as an interview guide, so it not only tells you about the candidate’s personality but provides interview questions to ask. These are the questions that will reveal the candidate and help you make an informed hiring decision, reducing your risk of hiring the wrong candidate.

All Job Roles Covered

Regardless of the job role you are filling, there will be a suitable Interview Pro report for you to use. From Sales to Finance, To Leadership to Customer Service and lots more. If you are not sure which report design to use, please just ask for a recommendation.

Perfect for Small Businesses

If you are a small business and only recruit now and again, then you will find Interview Pro a perfect fit. Not only can you use it right away with no specialist training, but you can also just buy the credits you need. If you only need one credit, then just buy one credit. 

Stop Guessing and Reduce Your Recruitment Risk

Recruitment is risky. Who you hire matters. The wrong person can make your life and everyone else’s a nightmare. Using Interview Pro will reduce your recruitment risk and increase your chances of hiring the very best candidate.

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