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PeopleMaps provides a wide range of personality based psychometric testing solutions for business.

Quick and Easy to use – instant, online today
No training or consultancy fees – save money and time
Pay as you Go – discount for volume
No minimum orders – get what you want when you want it


InterviewAssist Exec

Contact Centres


Banking and Finance

Recruitment Consultants

Personality Testing for Contact Centres
Guaranteed 5% reduction in
attrition rate – or your money
back. Recruitment, succession
planning,team building and
Benchmarking solutions

Psychometrics for Recruitment Agencies
Unlimited reports for a low monthly fee. A package designed specifically for recruitment agencies. Forward the reports directly to your client.

Psychometric Testing for SME Recruitment
Slash your recruitment costs : produce meaningful shortlists based on more than the CV can offer
Reduce your risk : understand your candidates before interview and hire best match for your team
Plain English reports : suitable even for inexperienced interviewers and line managers.

Psychometric Testing for Executive Recruitment
Understand your candidate : Profiling tells you more than a CV. Use it to understand your candidates prior to interview
Avoid expensive mistakes : Profiling adds an extra layer of protection for very little cost
Easy, instant, online : Save time on recruitment decisions and build robust shortlists using proven psychology.

Sales Recruitment with Psychometric Testing
Recruiting sales people? Then you need this report. Sales style is all about the person. This report will help you identify the sales people that are most appropriate for your company.

Driver Safety Reports for Fleet Managers
This report was developed in conjunction with one of the UK’s leading Driver Safety Training companies. Use it when you are recruiting new drivers and when investigating a road accident, to help improve safer driving in the future.

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