Professional Profiling Systems That Everyone Can Afford


Start Up Costs

If you are looking for a system that you can have set up for you today so that you can start using it tomorrow, then PeopleMaps may be your only option. There is no minimum order, no set up fee and no mandatory training. As soon as you provide some basic details about your vacancy, PeopleMaps will configure your account and you can get started.


Start From As Little As £25 ($30)

You can start using Recruitment Pro from as little as £25 as there is no minimum order. Your account will still be fully configured to meet your specific needs and all the advice and help you need is included in the price. Naturally larger users enjoy discount rates. Each project is quoted individually as no two projects are the same. You only need to buy what you need. Please contact us today and tell us about your project and we will be delighted to provide you with a quotation.

Recruitment Pro Pricing

Here is everything you need to know when pricing up personality profiling. You need to be aware of the hidden costs before you make your buying decision.

Until now, professional personality profiling has has been expensive and has only been affordable by large, blue chip, organisations. PeopleMaps has changed that by designing a system that is affordable by any business; small or large.


Set Up Costs

Make sure you ask about all possible set up costs. These are not always disclosed at the outset. PeopleMaps will set up Recruitment Pro for you and configure it to meet your precise requirements. There is no charge for this.


Training Costs

Many systems have a mandatory training course that you have to take before you can use their system. Indeed some profiling providers make most of their money from the training they sell. PeopleMaps has designed its systems to be easy to use. The personality reports are free from jargon and readily understood by anyone reading them. No training is required to use the PeopleMaps Recruitment Pro system. So although we provide an online video training course on Advance Recruitment Psychology, it is only for those who wish to go deeper into the subject and is certainly not mandatory.


License Fees

With many profiling providers there are license fees to be considered.  PeopleMaps offers a Pay As You Go service or an Annual License Fee. There is no mandatory license fee. You simply pay for what you need. The Annual License is designed to save regular recruiters money.