Figures vary on how common workplace personality profiling is, depending on where you look. We use the statistic provided by from their 2007 survey, which shows that over 65% of employers use “personality measures” as part of their employee screening and assessment toolkit.

We wondered if these figures pan out when asking jobseekers about their experience? So that’s just what we did – Over two and a half thousand replied, and here are the results;

Have you ever been asked to complete a psychometric test for work?

Yes, when applying for a job77931%
Yes, during a job interview27011%
Yes, as part of my job development plan1235%
Yes, for job training552%
No, not within a work situation128651%

Not quite the 65% of employees we might expect, but 49% is a high number nevertheless. Interesting, but not surprising, that training and development fell way short of recruitment. We certainly get more business from employers hiring new recruits than we do from those developing existing employees. Perhaps if more employers used profiling to help understand and develop existing staff, they’d need to use it far less for the recruitment of new starts – a question of false economies in play, methinks. And an opportunity for PeopleMaps to encourage more companies to invest in their existing employees.

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