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Certified Training To Become A PeopleMaps Approved Personality Profiling Specialist for personal coaching applications.


Extensive Online Training On How To Use Personality Reports With Clients And Build Your Practice.

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Build bridges and contacts by offering free reports t your website visitors.

Become A Profiling Specialist

Amazing in depth training on applied Jungian personality psychology.

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Save yourself a fortune and start training today, for a fraction of what Myers Briggs will charge you.

A Fantastic Range Of Personality Report Designs To Suit Every Coaching Scenario

Train As A Personality Profiling Specialist For Personal Coaching Applications


Training Delivered Online

All the training is delivered through the PeopleMaps Online Training Platform, where you receive dozens of videos.



Each module is kept short, so that you can squeeze in your training to your busy day. You can even do it via your smartphone.



Each time you complete a module, you will be asked a question about what you have just learned. Your answers are then checked by PeopleMaps. Upon completion of all the primary modules, you will be issued with a Certificate from PeopleMaps stating you are a PeopleMaps Certified Personality Profiling Specialist for Personal Coaching Applications.


Your Questions Answered

At the bottom of each module you have the opportunity to ask questions, in case there is something you do not understand. Each question is answered personally by PeopleMaps. This is a fully supported training program.



At the bottom of each module there is a space for you to add your own notes to yourself about the module to make revision quick and easy.

What’s Included In Your Training

The 12 Laws of Personality

Ensure that you and your clients aren’t breaking the 12 Laws of Personality.

The Underpinning Psychology

Your training is built upon a strong foundation and in this module you will learn about the Jungian psychology that underpins PeopleMaps.

The PeopleMaps Map

The Map is a real breakthrough in personality psychology. This module describes in detail everything you need to know about the PeopleMaps Map, so you can talk to your clients about it.

The Six Energies

When helping people to understand self, you need to understand The Six Energies.

The PeopleMaps Questionnaire

Discover why the PeopleMaps Questionnaire can deliver such incredible results, with so few questions.

The PeopleMaps Gauge

The Gauges are a power visualisation of personality. In this module you will learn how to use them properly.

Special Bonus Training (For a Limited Period)

Personality & Relationships

Personality has a huge influence on our relationships. This advanced training will introduce you to some new ideas on how to help clients improve their relationships with others.


Almost everyone is wondering what their ideal job looks like. This training explains how to use the Career report and help people discover their ideal job.

Weight Management

Some weight management organisations have been using this report for a long time as they realised some time ago that our personality type affects how we manage our weight.


Are you working with people who are thinking of starting their own business/ Or perhaps you coah people who already have their own business. Either way you and your client will love this report. This training helps you make the best use of the report when helping entrepreneurs.


If you or your clients are working with teenagers , then this report is a life saver. Developed in discussion with one of the UK’s leading teen coaches, this report could make life better for the teenager and their parents / teachers / guardians.

Personal Development

There is some very useful content in the Personal Development report. This training will give you some ideas on how to help your clients with their own personal development.


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Money Back Guarantee and No Contract


Money Back Guarantee

If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, then you may simply ask for a refund as PeopleMaps offers a Money Back Guarantee.


No Contract

You may cancel your PeopleMaps Coaching Pro subscription at any time. There is no contract.

Tried & Tested

People Love PeopleMaps

Coaches have been using PeopleMaps reports for over fifteen years. These professional reports are tried and tested.

1. 5 Million Assessments

Over 1.5 million people have completed the PeopleMaps questionnaire.


Pioneering Online Profiling Since 2000

PeopleMaps has been pioneering online personality profiling since 2000 and has developed technology and psychology to new levels.


Incredibly Accurate Reports

You will be amazed at just how accurate and insightful PeopleMaps reports are. Your clients will love them and will probably want to buy more than one of them from you.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“Working with Martin at PeopleMaps was a great experience. His technology and system used to create the reports is fantastic and coupled with his future foresight, I always found him and his work inspirational and timely. The depth of information his reports provide really helped me support my clients.”

Sarah Newton

Teen Coach

The Weight Management personality report reveals in great depth an individual’s personality and explains in detail the connection between personality and the appropriate weight management journey.

The report is something our clients instantly understand and greatly increases client’s weight loss success and converts enquiries into new weight loss business.

Practically Slim works with PeopleMaps because we believe that Practically Slim clients, by understanding their personality, will understand what needs to happen in order for them to be successful weight managers

PeopleMaps provides us with exceptional customer service. The service they’ve provided our business is the absolute best. Always responsive, always professional and incredibly proactive, they are helping our company to develop and grow.

Heather Newham,

Founder, Practically Slim

Having had the chance to use the Teen Report, I can honestly say it is going to be useful. It offers a lot of illuminating insights into how our teenager ‘ticks’ and how best to support her in achieving her goals. It also explains why she reacts the way she sometimes does to us, and how to make this better! The Teen Report will help us to understand how to effectively develop our relationship with our teen for a more productive and harmonious existence. I’d recommend it to anyone who is interested in supporting their teen and enhancing your relationship with them.


Mum Of Two Enjoys Breakthrough

“The PeopleMaps application is a turn-key solution that has allowed me to market a powerful and customizable tool under my company name and brand while adding significant value to the coaching/mentoring services that I provide to my clients. The client gains tremendous insight from the analysis and I have saved the time and costs.

Michael Petriella


I wanted an online solution – I was looking for the right psychometric system to assist my members to find careers after they have retired from their chosen professional sport.

Nigel Smith


“We are a career coaching company looking for tools that will help us to provide a better service to our clients. Many people approach us around 10 years into working life when they are either looking at promotion or changing direction. These reports should help us when coaching them on a one-to-one basis.”

Hannah McNamara

HRM Coaching Ltd

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your refund policy?

We offer no-questions-asked refunds to all customers within 30 days of your purchase. If Coaching Pro is not for you, then please cancel your subscription via your PayPal account and submit a ticket to PeopleMaps requesting your last months payment to be refunded. This is a risk free purchase.

How does PeopleMaps compare with other systems?

PeopleMaps competes directly with Myers Briggs, SHL, DISC and Thomas International. These are all great systems, however we think you will love the price and the easy usability of CoachingPro, as it has been designed specifically for personal coaches.

Can I buy additional report credits if I need them?

Although Coaching Pro includes a lot of free credits, you may have an event that requires a lot more credits than usual. You may order additional credits from within your Control Room. These are provided at a significant discount on the usual retail price.

What training is provided?

The CoachingPro range of reports is only available via PeopleMaps trained and approved coaches. Upon subscribing to Coaching Pro it is expected that you you will complete the certified, online training course and become a PeopleMaps Approved personality profiling specialist for personal coaching applications..

Why is PeopleMaps so cheap?

Although PeopleMaps could charge a lot more for Coaching Pro, PeopleMaps wants to work in partnership with as many coaches as possible worldwide, in order to make professional profiling more accessible for everyone. Coaching Pro is priced so that coaches can enjoy a good profit margin, whilst making the reports affordable to clients.

What psychology is PeopleMaps based on?

PeopleMaps is a Jungian system based on the original research carried out by Carl Jung.. The applications, reports and training was developed by Anne Ellis. Anne held a part time teaching fellowship in the psychology department at the University of Westminster, London, where she was involved in the team that created the very first Masters in Business Psychology course, offered through any UK university.

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