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All The Personality Reports You Need For FREE

Get all the Personality Certificates you need for FREE, when you take a PeopleMaps License.


Place More Candidates

The Personality Certificate is a personality report designed to help candidates get noticed and get interviews. You place more candidates, when you get more interviews.


Stand Out From The Crowd

Differentiate from other agencies by including personality profiling as part of your service. Employers appreciate added value.

Win New Clients

Use this simple tool to win new clients.


Stand out from all the other agencies.

Place More Candidates

Use profiling to place more candidates.

Retain Clients

This tool makes your clients stick with you.

What Is Personality Certificate

Personality Certificate is a professional personality report, designed to help job seekers get interviewed by employers.

Attach it to the candidate’s CV and provide the employer with a more “three dimensional view” of the candidate.

Employers already spend millions every year on personality reports, so you know they want to know more about candidates than what the CV tells them.

Personality Certificate will help your candidates get noticed and ensure your agency is differentiated from other agencies.

FREE Reports For Agencies

You get all the Personality Certificates you need, with an annual license.

With a license you are not charged for candidates to complete the personality questionnaire and you are not charged for the Personality Certificates you use.

However the first thing to do is try it for FREE.

How Much Is A License?

The cost of a license varies according to the size of your agency.

You may pay the annual license using the the monthly payment plan, which for a small agency can be as little as £10 ($15) per week.

Personality Certificate is priced so low, to ensure that agencies can afford to include a Personality Certificate with every CV they submit to an employer.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, then you may simply ask for a refund as PeopleMaps offers a Money Back Guarantee.

No Contract

Although this is an annual license, if you decide to close your PeopleMaps account and stop using Personality Certificate, you may cancel at any time. PeopleMaps will close your account and will not pursue you for the remainder of your annual license fee.

Signup Today For Your FREE Trial

Try it today and judge for yourself the accuracy of the report. A detailed quotation will also be provided.

About PeopleMaps

PeopleMaps has been pioneering online personality profiling systems since 2000.

1.5 million people have completed a PeopleMaps assessment and thousands of organisations have a PeopleMaps account.

The Psychology

PeopleMaps is a Jungian system based on the research by Carl Jung.

Despite being user friendly, you will find the reports to be incredibly accurate and insightful. Read your own report and judge its accuracy for yourself.

Is Training Required?

No training is required to use Personality Certificate. Each certificate is written in plain English.

We send a lot of CVs. Is this expensive?

No. This is priced to make it affordable for agencies to attach a Personality Certificate with each CV.

What does it say about the candidate?

Although the report is extremely accurate, the Certificate focuses on the most positive aspects of the candidate’s personality. It’s designed to help them get an interview invite.

What job roles does this apply to?

The Personality Certificate can be used with every job role, as it focuses exclusively on personality and is not looking at skills or work experience.

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