Exciting developments at PeopleMaps !!!

After six months of work and a ton of translation, PeopleMaps Spain is now up and running. And it’s all thanks to Luis Fisas who has been working with Sujit to make the million small changes required to make PeopleMaps available to the Spanish speaking world.

Luis has been familiar with PeopleMaps for about five years and was actually a customer. Having had many years in management Luis was well aware of the challenges facing business; from recruitment, to management.

Spain may have it’s problems but it is still the third largest economy in Europe and many of the South American countries have even been experiencing growth for the last few years.

A few months ago I went over to Barcelona and this time it was Luis’ turn to come to PeopleMaps HQ in Scotland. I’m afraid he forgot to pack the good weather with him and we got soaked during a whistle stop tour of Edinburgh.

However as Luis said, “no one comes to Scotland for the weather”.

Luis will head up the PeopleMaps expansion into the Spanish Speaking world and it couldn’t be in safer hands. Meanwhile I need to get back to my Spanish lessons and brace myself for some business trips with sunshine (a rare thing indeed for a peelly wally Scotsman.)

Luis can be reached at [email protected] or [email protected]

March Update 2013

Luis visited Scotland again to see the snow. I managed to muster enough snow to please.

Every week we add more and more translated topics and get to understand the local Spanish market. International development brings its challenges but they are exciting.

Language is possibly the least of the challenges as we are dealing with an entirely different culture. Interestingly personality appears to be the same regardless of the language or culture.

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