The difference between an every day job and a career you love, is simply passion. When you are passionate about what you do it hardly feels like work at all.

I am in the west coast of France and have only two neighbours. The house overloooks a nature reserve and it’s very, very special. Both neighbours taught me something about passion.

My first neighbour, Laina, is a Madagascan widow, who delighted in showing me her house. Her husband had spent a life time collecting and studying the local wildlife, particularly insects. She opened up a wardrobe which was full of glass display cases of carefully documented insects. It is a collection that would make any natural history museum proud. Literally thousands of little creatures, all from the local area.

It is a fine example of passion.

My second neighbour are an English couple, Gary and Elaine, who work in London and have a holiday home here. Every couple of months they make the fifteen hour journey to work on their house. They work from the minute they arrive till the minute they leave and you never saw anyone happier. They are passionate about their French home and have made it beautiful. Their passion fuels them in a way that nothing else could. Money wouldn’t drive them this way, nor would fear – and they are unstoppable. This is the power of passion.

My conclusion is so obvious I hardly feel the need to make it but for completeness I will. Find something you are passionate about and you will never need to work in your life again. Find something you are passionate about and you can achieve anything. Use your PeopleMaps materials to help you find something you can be passionate about.

(This post was inspired by the recent Tweet-a-thon conducted by Dr Mani Sivasubramanian, whose theme was Passion, Purpose, persistence.)

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