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Recruiting sales personnel?

When the CV isn`t enough. Remove the uncertainty by reading their personality report first.

PeopleMaps is the web's no1 personality profiler for career applications. It's simply the world's most cost effective, simple to use and accurate personality profiler system available online.

PeopleMaps personality profiling can help you understand your employees' and candidates' personalities in minutes. Using only one questionnaire with just ten questions, you will be armed with powerful knowledge to help you make the best business decisions for you.

Over 60% of employers use these techniques for staff recruitment and development. - but many pay over the odds. Get your free PeopleMaps account today and you'll be up and running in minutes.



How does it work?

3 Easy Steps to PeopleMaps Personality Reports for Employers


Send candidates to your unique profiling page supplied by PeopleMaps. Include your company logo.


Candidate completes personality test online in under 8 minutes.Online from anywhere - at home or in your office. Make it part of your application process?


You login to your Control Room to view all the reports -available instantly. View in-house or send to 3rd party. Pay-As-You-Go


Why use the PeopleMaps Profiler?

You can use PeopleMaps for staff recruitment and development. Reports are available for different job roles and stages in your recruitment process. For example you can create a shortlist from all your applicants, build better teams assess sales professionals, customer execs and even senior managers.

You might be familiar with the well-known Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) - PeopleMaps provides an easy, instant, online alternative.

1) Ideal for small companies
Our pay-as-you-go service means even small companies can benefit from personality profiles. No minimum order!

2) Instant reports online
The whole process takes place over the Internet - from your candidate's personality questionnaire, to your management of reports. Instant access.

3) Easy to read reports
All the reports are written in plain English, so you can read and understand your reports even if you have no background in personality tests or human resources.

4) No specialist training required
Unlike other profilers, we don't require you to undertake any training before you use the service. All our reports are written in plain English, so you dont need any training to understand them.

5) No compulsory consultancy fees
Traditional profiling service providers build expensive consultancy services into their delivery model. We won't even offer you consultancy.

What about the Psychology?
Over 1 million candidates have been processed through this system, so we know it works. The theory underpinning PeopleMaps comes from the work of Carl Jung, the Swiss psychologist who believed every individual was unique.

His theory focuses on the cognitive aspects of personality i.e. how people think and take on board information to make their decisions and sense of the world. This is the psychological theory that other renowned profilers including the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) are based on.

Still not sure?
PeopleMaps psychometric testing has revolutionised the world of personality profiling - we've made personality-centric psychometric tests truly affordable, accessible and available.

Imagine being able to assess the personality of your job applicants in less than 5 minutes - before you've even met them! PeopleMaps can help you achieve this with this easy, instant online service - the best professional profiler on the web! Sign up for your free account and you could be reading your personality report in under 8 minutes

You've nothing to lose...
Sign up for your free account - no credit card required, no obligation, and all purchases backed by our 30 day money back guarantee.

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"outstanding value
for money"

"easy to use"

"the reports are spot on"

"quick and cost-effective"

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"convenient and quick"

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Many of our first-time customers haven't used profiling before. PeopleMaps profiling is easy, instant and online. Its especially useful for Managers and Directors with no HR experience and no psychological training.

We write the reports in plain English, so you won't need to hire any consultants or take any training - ever!


Contact Centres,
Recruitment Agencies,
Legal & Accountancy,
Banking & Finance,
IT & Engineering,
NHS, Retail,
Not for Profit & Charities,
Sports Recruitment


Sales & Marketing,
PA, Administration & Secretaries,
Customer Services,
Team Leaders,
Middle Managers
Senior Managers & Directors,
Software Developers
HR Professionals

"We had been looking
for a psychometric
profiler for recruitment
purposes. Most seemed to
be orientated to the individual -
PeopleMaps' tests are more tailored
to the corporate angle. It's
convenient and quick."
Kathy Cross, HR Manager, Karcher

“Through the use of PeopleMaps I was able to reduce my shortlist of ten candidates from two very strong
individuals, one of which we selected
with great confidence they would fit
into our small team. The profile was
amazing, even scary, in its accuracy.
I have no hesitation in
recommending PeopleMaps.”
Chris Morgan, Data Liberation

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