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How JobBoards make money from Job Seeker traffic

  1. We give every job seeker at least one personality report free of charge

  2. We then persuade them to buy one of our more detailed reports. There are several job seeker products in the range

  3. When they buy a report we share 10% to 30% of the revenue with you, our partner.

Products for Job Seekers



How JobBoards make additional revenue from Employers


  1. Over 60% of employers use personality testing to some extent, so they may as well buy it from you.

  2. We provide a range of personality reports for recruitment and each is job role specific.

  3. Employer may have a free trial to encourage them to buy. Everything they spend with us we share with you, our partner.


Personality Reports for most job roles for recruitment:


Banking and Finance

Contact Centre

Customer Service

Graduate Recruitment


HR Professionals

IT and Engineering


PA Admin and Secretaries

Recruitment Consultant


Some of our partners


How does it work?

3 Easy Steps to set you up as a partner account.


Register for your own PeopleMaps Partner account.


Copy the link for candidates and post it on your site. Use the promo graphics too.


Just wait on the cheques from PeopleMaps. Typically 20% commission.


Frequently Asked Questions JobBoards Ask


  1. How much can a job board expect to earn through this partnership?

    A: We pay between 10% to 30% revenue share on all income generated via your coded links with larger partners commanding 30%

  2. What is your conversion rate?

    A: Typically we convert between 1% and 3% of tryers to buyers. Job seekers and employers love our products and the way we approach them.

  3. What do jobboards need to do?

    A: Place a simple text link on your site or use one of the banners buttons we provide. The link is coded so that our system can track all orders that come from your links.

  4. When do job boards get paid?

    A: We pay monthly, providing you have accumulated £50 in revenue share due.

  5. Is there any set up costs, or charge for the free reports you provide?

    A:No. If we have agreed to partner with you then there is no charge.

  6. How do you track sales?

    A: The links on your site go to a specific coded landing page, so our system associates each registered user with you. You have your own Control Room that you may log into to monitor activity in Real Time. We will automatically send you cheques every month.

The friendlier (and cheaper) alternative to Myers Briggs

You might be familiar with the well-known Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) - PeopleMaps provides an easy, instant, online alternative.

1) Fantastic Pricing
Internet product; Internet pricing.

2) Instant reports online
The whole process takes place over the Internet. Instant access.

3) Easy to read reports
All the reports are written in plain English, so job seekers can read and understand reports even if they have no background in personality tests.

4) No specialist training required
Unlike other profilers, we don't require you to undertake any training before you use the service. All our reports are written in plain English, so you dont need any training to understand them.

5) Reports written specifically for job seekers
Reports written with the job seeker in mind. Completely unique in tis respect.

What about the Psychology?
The theory underpinning PeopleMaps comes from the work of Carl Jung, the Swiss psychologist who believed every individual was unique.

His theory focuses on the cognitive aspects of personality i.e. how people think and take on board information to make their decisions and sense of the world. This is the psychological theory that other renowned profilers including the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) are based on.

Still not sure?
PeopleMaps has provided over 1 million job seekers and sells reports every day. Job seekers have an apetite for this kind of service and PeopleMaps is the best on the market.

PeopleMaps psychometric testing has revolutionised the world of personality profiling - we've made personality-centric psychometric tests truly affordable, accessible and available job seekers. We have made it very easy to partner with us too.

Sign up for your free account and you could be earning from personality profiling in a matter of minutes.

You've nothing to lose...
Sign up for your free account - no credit card required, no obligation.

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