Unlimited professional personality profiling for Recruitment Agencies for just £74 per month. 

Psychometrics for Agencies, created by professional psychometric profiling company PeopleMaps, provides Recruitment Agencies with a range of solutions to cut costs and to increase their ability to compete for positions and contracts in the current challenging economic conditions.

  Quick and easy to use - instant online today    
  No Training or Consultancy Fees    

  Unlimited reports - low monthly fee    
  Accurate and concise reports you can send direct to employers    
  Profile every candidate and use inhouse for candidate preparation    

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Be spontaneous. Don't think about it. Go with your first answer. Be you.

Stand out by including a personality report with every CV

"PeopleMaps reports are consistently detailed and feedback from applicants is that they find it uncannily accurate, often enlightening and a well focused preparation for interviews."

Ed Ley-Wilson, Leah Ley-Wilson Recruitment

PeopleMaps Agency package

To help you compete effectively in this period of difficult trading PeopleMaps has answered two questions regularly raised by agencies:

* What if a psychometric profile report actually prevents my candidate from getting the job?

* I only use profiling if a client asks for it and with budgets being cut why would that change?

Firstly we’ve created the ‘Agency’ profile report. This report only emphasises your candidate’s strengths for an employer to review. You can forward it directly to an employer without fear of it undermining the candidate’s chances of securing the position.

On the cost issue, we’ve created the ‘Agency Package’ a unique deal where for only £37 per recruitment consultant per month your agency can have unlimited usage of the Agency report (min order of 2). Use 10 or use 1,000, the price stays exactly the same every month, just £37 per consultant. We even offer further discounts on this price for multiple consultants, check these out in your account control panel before you buy.

You can now profile every single candidate you deal with and have agency reports available instantly online for use in-house for candidate coaching or to send to employers as part of the applicant package.

  • No training or consultancy required

  • Own-branding of reports and services

  • Instant online delivery

  • Don’t pay for individual reports

  • Resell reports to employers and make money

  • Promote PeopleMaps to jobseekers and employers and generate revenue

Differentiate your agency from your competitors by supplying more value that the client may not even have asked for. At a time when there will increasingly be more candidates than jobs and more agencies competing for fewer contracts can you afford not to?

"The most common response to the PeopleMaps report by clients is that its accuracy is nothing less than ‘spooky’.”

Hannah McNamara, Director, HRM Coaching


How Does it Work?

3 Easy Steps to PeopleMaps Personality Reports for Recruitment Agencies


Send candidates to your unique profiling page supplied by PeopleMaps. Include your company logo.


Candidate completes personality test online in under 8 minutes. Online from anywhere - at home or in your office. Make it part of your application process?


You login to your Control Room to view all the reports -available instantly. Share reports with others if you like.

Sign up today

To sign up for a PeopleMaps account (it’s free) just click here. You can get £75 of credit straight away and take a look at our reports before you sign up for the Agency membership package.

If you are an existing PeopleMaps account holder simply follow the instructions in the pdf below to set up your membership package and start using it straight away. Click below:

How to enrol in PeopleMaps Recruitment Agency membership - (pdf 716 kb)

You've nothing to lose
We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all purchases from PeopleMaps. We want you to be happy with every report you buy. If you're not, just let us know why and we'll refund you. Set up a standing order today and try it for a month. If you are not delighted then you can cancel your standing order.

A powerful alternative to Myers Briggs

You will probably be familiar with the well-known Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) - PeopleMaps provides an easy, instant, online alternative.

Priced specifically for Recruitment consultants
You process hundreds of applicants so you need something that is affordable. With membership you get as many reports as you want for a set monthly fee.

* Instant reports online
The whole process takes place over the Internet - from your candidate's personality questionnaire, to your management of reports. Instant access.

* Easy to read reports
All the reports are written in plain English, so you can read and understand your reports even if you have no background in personality tests or human resources.

* No training required
Unlike other profilers, we don't require you to undertake any training before you use the service. All our reports are written in plain English, so you dont need any to understand them.

* No compulsory consultancy fees
Traditional profiling service providers build expensive consultancy services into their delivery model. We don't deliver any compulsory consultancy as part of our online profiling service.

What about the Psychology?

The theory underpinning PeopleMaps comes from the work of Carl Jung, the Swiss psychologist who believed every individual was unique.

His theory focuses on the cognitive aspects of personality i.e. how people think and take on board information to make their decisions and sense of the world. This is the psychological theory that other renowned profilers including the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) are based on.

Still not sure?

PeopleMaps psychometric testing has revolutionised the world of personality profiling - we've made personality-centric psychometric tests truly affordable, accessible and available.

You can also buy any of PeopleMaps other industry and job specific reports individually or with a bulk discount through your account.

The Agency report doesn’t suit your business? - Talk to us about unmetered packages on any of our other reports, you’ll find our reports as accurate but cheaper than everyone else, guaranteed.


Some current Recruitment Agency PeopleMaps account holders

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Websearch Recruitment



Profiling Newbie?

Many of our first-time customers haven't used profiling before. PeopleMaps profiling is easy, instant and online. Its especially useful for Managers and Directors with no HR experience and no psychological training.

We write the reports in plain English, so you won't need to hire any consultants or take any training - ever!

Suitable For All Applicants

You don't pay per report, so you can have every single applicant complete the personality questionnaire at the outset - it's affordable.

“The PeopleMaps profile report is a useful resource to validate and support our own assessment. With our team's combined experience and the candidate’s profile in front of them it helps to add light to the client’s own selection process.”

Marion Heal, Acumen Recruitment

PeopleMaps has a wide range of reports suitable for a range of industries and jobs including:

  • Contact Centres

  • Customer service

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Graduate recruitment

  • Legal

  • Accountancy

  • Marketing professionals

  • PAs and admin

  • Banking & Finance

  • Hospitality

  • IT

  • Engineering

  • HR professional

  • Retail

  • Recruitment consultants

  • Not for Profit & Charities

  • Sports recruitment

  • Team leaders

  • Senior Managers and Directors

  • Driving - professional and learner

And for sizeable orders we will even custom build reports to suit your requirements and the competencies needed for the post. Don’t know what they are, then use our forced-choice competency service to get the right brief.

If you have clients who could use any of these reports or services then you could be missing out on serious revenue if they aren’t using PeopleMaps.

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