book templateSo the book is underway. This will be a traditional printed book issued by a book publisher. Human nature is fascinating and this book is written for all of you who wonder why the hell you do the things you do.

So if you are fascinated by human nature then you will enjoy this book. It is written to help you apply personality psychology to your own life. The PeopleMaps reports will help you understand self and others but the book will show you how to apply that understanding in a very real and preactical way.

You will discover how to apply it at work. How to build better relationships. How to influence others and get what you want without upsetting anyone in the process.

It’s about success – your success.

So far I have outlined the points the book needs to cover. For instance it has to explain the nature of Jungian psychology in a way that doesn’t leave you with a migrane.

Who should read this book?

Anyone who comes into contact with other humans on a regular basis needs to read this book. Many of the things that annoy you, or frustrate you about the people in your world will start to make sense. It’s true that people are complex, however the building blocks are simple enough to understand and apply.

I will blog regularly on the books progress, so if you have any issues you feel should be covered in the book let me know. I am not aiming for a huge tome but rather something you can read and apply quickly. There are enough very boring books out there that you can’t really apply.

Not got a title yet

I may run a wee competition for the book title as I haven’t managed to come up with anything yet. I may have to start taking showers twice a day as this is apparently where I get my best ideas.

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