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Quick Company Overview

PeopleMaps provides high quality, accurate and low cost psychological profiling (sometimes called personality or psychometric testing) solutions for business and consumers.

PeopleMaps was the first profiling system designed specifically for the web fromt he ground up. It is not an online adaptation of an existing paper based system nor does it require training or consultancy to use.

It’s simply the world’s most cost effective, easy to use and accurate system available online, delivering practical solutions to help people change lives.

PeopleMaps Services

Company and consumer registration takes place online and all PeopleMaps reports are delivered instantly upon completion of the web based questionnaire. As a result, PeopleMaps delivers a wide range of professional psychological profile reports probably faster than any other company online.

PeopleMaps provides a full range of personality reports for individuals, and every visitor is given a free report.

PeopleMaps has developed a full range of personality reports for businesses and offers free accounts to everyone.

PeopleMaps also partners with a range of companies including job boards and relationship coaches.

PeopleMaps delivers its services globally and can translate the questionnaire into any language by request for a set up fee.

PeopleMaps does not provide consultancy or training services. Our reports are written in plain English which means that there is no need to spend additional money hiring consultants or to participate in training to translate the profiles.

Press Enquiries: telephone +44 (0)141 416 0097 (GMT)

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