Listening to BBC World Service radio this morning (the best station on air) and heard this bizarre news story.

A man in China was threatening to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge. Unfortunately he was holding up traffic as the road had to be cordoned off. This had been going on for several hours so you can imagine the traffic chaos that ensued.

So a helpful man came up to the would be jumper, shook his hand and then pushed him off the bridge.

I hear you gasp. It’s shocking I know but the good news is that the man survived with minor injuries.

And my true confession is that I understand the pusher. I get him. Some of you may feel the same. Some of you may be disgusted at me. And this is where personality comes in.

I think it is safe to say that the man who pushed, was from the North East of the PeopleMaps Map. From his perspective he was coming up with a solution and taking action, cutting through all the “unnecessary” preamble. He was helping the indecisive jumper by giving him a push and he was helping the traffic problem. He was also helping himself  get to work. All in all a very helpful chap.

Those of you who are also from the North East of the map with empathise with the pusher man and although you may recognise the extreme nature of the action, could imagine yourself doing something similar under extreme pressure. You may not condone it but you get it.

And for you in the South West of the map, you will have stopped reading by now and will be spitting curses at me and the pusher. And there’s him thinking he was being helpful.

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