Job Test

Are you looking for a job test? Something that will help you figure out what you should be doing with your career?

Figuring out what to be when you grow up is extremely difficult, no matter what age you are. In fact it may have been easier when you were young – I suppose ignorance is bliss.

So many people start out on a career path using decisions they made when they were fourteen and then a few years later discover that they were on the wrong path.

Just because you happen to get along with your physics teacher, doesn’t mean you should dedicate your life to physics. I learned that the hard way and it took near twenty years to recover from it and put myself on a more appropriate path.

I don’t know if I would have made the breakthrough if I hadn’t used a job test.

So what is a job test?

The job that will suit you best has little baring on your existing skill set or qualifications. In fact these are pretty much irrelevant. Neither my work experience or qualifications had prepared me for anything other than a career in physics but I knew it was the wrong thing  for me. I was miserable.

What matters most is your personality type as this will determine the kind of environment that you require. A job test will help you figure out your personality type and describe the kind of work environment you really need.

PeopleMaps provides a range of personality reports and courses that will help you make better career decisions.

If you have never completed a job test before then you have been missing out. In fact you have been damaging your career. This job test will save you years of chasing the wrong job.

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