Operating a business with a truly global view of the world, and within the punishing deadlines that TV and radio transmission bring, you need the right people with the right skills working as a team. With time being the premium commodity, WRN uses PeopleMaps in its recruitment process to get the right results and fast.

WRN is an international TV and radio transmission company, offering a comprehensive and innovative range of services including permanent and ad hoc satellite capacity, medium and short wave transmissions, FM airtime brokerage, internet, content hosting, broadcast consultancy and studio facilities. Its global fibre circuit allows for the distribution of video and audio signals to points of presence around the world.

WRN also operates its own radio stations in five languages, which carry news, current affairs and cultural programmes from leading public and private broadcasters worldwide. These stations are distributed to listeners throughout the world on market-leading platforms

“At this point the main part of our business is brokering satellite space for TV and radio services. We also sell broadcast slots to many national public service broadcasters, ranging from NPR, Korean Broadcasting and Radio Canada. We have a truly worldwide view of what’s happening,” explained Simon Blake, a Director of WRN.

“Our team is a complete mix of skills; from international salespeople dealing with multinational TV and radio clients to the most technically expert broadcast engineers maintaining our 24 hour Master Control Room. Being able to recruit and select in such diverse specialist fields can be tricky.”

With previous experience of using psychometric profiling, Simon wanted to use it in the hiring of new staff. But in line with the exceptionally fast pace of the business, he needed a service that would provide a solution without impacting on time and resources.

“I’ve always been impressed by the results and insights that profiling can provide but found traditional offline services time consuming, so when I found PeopleMaps with its low cost and ease of use it was perfect for us,” said Simon.

“We use it throughout our hiring process and even used it in the recruitment of our new Business Manager. With very ambitious growth plans, our team dynamics and people are crucial and the insight we get from PeopleMaps is, in a word – uncanny!”


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